ROBOTICS;NOTES Double Pack Launch Trailer and Digital Discount Unveiled

Ahead of its release next month SPIKE CHUNSOFT have today released a new trailer, and a Special launch discount promotion, for the upcoming visual novel collection ROBOTICS;NOTES Double Pack which contains ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE and ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE in a single collection. Read more of this post

Meet the Cast of ROBOTICS;NOTES in the Newly Released Gameplay Trailer

Spike Chunsoft and Numskull Games have recently released a new gameplay trailer for the ROBOTICS;NOTES DOUBLE PACK, a visual novel collection that will contain ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE and ROBOTICS;NOTES DaSH , that will introduce potential players to the wide variety of characters within the franchise. Read more of this post

Numskull Games To Publish ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE & DASH Double Pack Within Europe

Last year SPIKE CHUNSOFT announced that it would release ROBOTICS; NOTES ELITE and ROBOTICS;NOTES DASH onto the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the West and more recently the studio announced its North American release plans in the form of a ‘double pack’ collection. Well today Numskull Games, who have worked in the past with SPIKE CHUNSOFT on titles such as CRYSTAR and AI: The Somnium Files, have announced that this ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE & DASH Double Pack will also be released in Europe as both a physical and digital release. Read more of this post