Gal*Gun Returns “Birthday Suit” Collector’s Edition Announced for Nintendo Switch

Those familiar with UK based publisher PQube Games will know that they like to think outside of the box with their Collector’s Edition releases, and the newly announced “Birthday Suit” Edition of Gal*Gun Returns for the Nintendo Switch is no different. Read more of this post

PQube Details Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack Including Limited Edition Exclusive to Rice Digital

Earlier in the year PQube Games, in partnership with development studio Arc System Works, announced that an ‘Anniversary Pack’ which celebrates the Guilty Gear franchise would be released onto the Nintendo Switch and today the publisher have revealed additional details including a Rice Digital Exclusive Limited Edition. Read more of this post

PQube Games To Release PUNCH LINE onto PS4 & PS Vita This Month within Europe

PQube Games have today surprised visual-novel and anime fans by announcing that MAGES colourful, but explosive, visual novel game PUNCH LINE will be released on the 31st August 2018 within Europe; the North American release meanwhile will be available a month later on the 25th September 2018. Read more of this post

PUNCH LINE Collector’s Edition Announced as Rice Digital Exclusive

PQube Games, in partnership with online retailer and Japanese news site Rice Digital, have announced that the visual novel themed game PUNCH LINE!, which also has an anime adaptation via Manga UK / Animatsu Entertainment, will receive a Collector’s Edition release and it will be exclusive to Rice Digital. Read more of this post

Gal*Gun 2 Collector’s Edition Announced as Rice Digital Exclusive

PQube Games have announced, through partnership with Rice Digital, that a Collector’s Edition version of Gal*Gun 2 is now available to pre-order from the online store. This Collector’s Edition is known as the ‘Free Hugs’ Edition and, just like with the previous Gal*Gun release, will contain a variety of collectable content. Read more of this post

Chaos;Child Gigalomaniac Edition Announced as Rice Digital Exclusive

Online retailer Rice Digital, through publisher PQube Games, have recently the Gigalomaniac Edition of Chaos;Child; a Limited Edition version of the game that will be a worldwide exclusive to the Rice Digital storeRead more of this post

PQube Line-up Confirmed for MCM London Comic Con May 2017

PQube, in conjunction with Rice Digital, will once again appear at this weekends MCM London Comic Con and they will be bringing with them a wide selection of playable gamings, ranging from the recently announced Project Rap Rabbit and Rabi-Ribi, to the recently released Akiba’s Beat.

In addition to the playable games PQube, with Rice Digital, will also be hosting several stage demonstrations and tournaments – all of which can be seen in the schedule. Read more of this post

BlazBlue: Central Fiction “Azure Edition” To Be a Rice Digital Exclusive within Europe


PQube Games, have announced in partnership with the online retailer Rice Digital, that the Collector’s Edition version of Arc System Works last fighting game BlazBlue: Central Fiction – which is interestingly dubbed Azure Edition – will be exclusive to the Rice Digital store within Europe. Read more of this post

Root Letter Limited Edition Bundle Announced for PS4 & PS Vita; Exclusive to Rice Digital


Online retailer Rice Digital, in conjunction with publisher PQube Games, have announced that they will have a Worldwide Exclusive variation of the visual-novel game Root Letter; and its currently available to pre-order exclusively from the Rice Digital Store. Read more of this post

Gal*Gun: Double Peace European Release Date Confirmed


After what seems like an eternity PQube have today announced that Gal*Gun: Double Peace will be released on the 15th July 2016 within the UK and Europe for the PS4 and PS Vita.

The game, which will be released at retailer and as a digital download through the Playstation Network Store, will see players take control of Houdai as he attempts to survive the onslaught of girls trying to gain his affection. The reason behind this madness? Well partly fan-service themed fun but partly because Cupid accidentially fired ‘love arrows’ to make him completely irresistable to the opposite gender. It’s a bonkers story; but it sounds quite fun. Read more of this post