Manga UK and FUNimation To Offer Replacement AKIRA 4K HDR Discs

Shortly after the release of AKIRA 4K Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray in the UK (via Manga Entertainment) and in the US (via FUNimation) it was discovered that the discs were only SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) as opposed to HDR (High Dynamic Range) like the original Japanese release. Read more of this post

STUDIOCANAL Begins When Marine Was There Blu-ray Replacement Scheme


Ever since the launch of STUDIOCANAL’s UK Blu-ray release of When Marine was There we have heard reports that the disc was defective; with owners reporting that the Blu-ray disc either struggled to play on their player or froze during playback and in the event that it did play the Blu-ray player would buzz incredibly loud as if it was overheating from reading the disc. Read more of this post