Anime Limited to Release Complete Limited Editions for Eureka Seven and The Testament of Sister New Devil

Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, have announced that two of their standard edition back-catalogue releases, Eureka Seven and The Testament of Sister New Devil, will be re-released later this year as Complete Limited Edition sets on Blu-Ray; with each franchise being packaged inside a rigid art box. Both of which will be released on the 27th April 2020 and are exclusive to the AllTheAnime Store and Zavvi. Read more of this post

NIS America to Release void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium onto Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and STEAM This Summer

NIS America have announced that they will publish void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium onto the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and STEAM later this year with a physical release planned for both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Read more of this post

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Release Details Announced

It has been a ‘long road’ but news on the final piece of the Gundam Wing, or Mobile Suit Gundam Wing if you prefer, franchise has been revealed in the form of release details for Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz and in turn its Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release of the collection. Read more of this post

CRAYON SHIN CHAN The Storm Called Flaming Runner Launches Digitally on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch seems to be coming the home of obscure Japanese IP related releases, especially with the universal digital approach it can take, and now a ‘free-runner’ styled game based upon the CRAYON SHIN CHAN (or Shin Chan) franchise has been released digitally onto the Nintendo eShop. Read more of this post

Nurse Love Syndrome and Nurse Love Addiction Now Available Digitally Worldwide on Nintendo Switch

Those eagerly checking the Nintendo eShop this week on the Nintendo Switch, as well as following publisher DEGICA’s social media channels, would have noticed that the romance themed visual novel games Nurse Love Syndrome and Nurse Love Addiction were made available digitally on the Nintendo eShop. Read more of this post

Azur Lane: Crosswave To Release February 2020 on PlayStation 4 and STEAM

Idea Factory International have announced that Azur Lane: Crosswave, a third-person-shooter based upon the popular mobile game Azur Lane, will be released on to the PlayStation 4 and STEAM in February 2020 both physically and digitally for the PlayStation 4 and digitally on STEAM. Read more of this post

Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!! and DLC Packs Stealth Launched onto Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch

Those looking for a rhythm game experience to tide them over until Hatsune Miku arrive next year will be interested to know that Taito have released Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!, and a selection of DLC, onto the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch within Europe and North America. Read more of this post

Manga UK Highlights Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Set in Pictures

With not long to go until Manga Entertainment UK release the entirety of Dragon Ball Z TV Series as a Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release the UK based publisher-come-distributor have opted to release some pictures of the final product; and it looks rather impressive. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Details Tokyo Ghoul: re – Part 1 Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Release

Anime Limited have recently announced what Tokyo Ghoul fans can expect from their Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release of Tokyo Ghoul: re, which is considered to be the third season in the Tokyo Ghoul anime franchise. Read more of this post

Visual Novel Murder Mystery Game Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- Arrives Digitally on Nintendo Switch with 20% Launch Week Discount

Those looking for a different kind of anime-style murder mystery game will be excited to learn that developers Cherrymochi and mebius, in partnership with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) publishing label UNTIES’s, have today released Tokyo Dark -Remembrance- onto the Nintendo Switch digitally within Europe and North America with a 20% launch discount. Read more of this post