Manga Entertainment UK Reveals Q3 & Q4 2018 Release Schedule; Announces New Digimon, Tokyo Godfathers and Pokemon Releases

Manga Entertainment UK have taken the bold step to announce the release schedule for the rest of the year; and with it unveiling new title licenses including Complete season collections of Digimon Tamers & Digimon Frontier, both of which have never received a DVD release in the UK, another Pokemon Movie Collection that consists of the XY Movies and Tokyo Godfathers on Blu-Ray. Read more of this post

VIZ Media Europe to Publish Dragon Ball Super & Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Manga


This could potentially be classed as old news; however it’s been brought to our attention (thanks to listings on Amazon UK) that VIZ Media Europe will be publishing the English localised manga releases for Boruto: Naruto Next Generation and Dragon Ball Super. Read more of this post

MangaUK To Release Pokemon Movies and Transformers: The Movie on Blu-ray Later This Year


In a rather surprising discovery by UK Anime Network, which was later confirmed real by Manga UK / Animatsu Entertainment’s Marketing Manager Andrew Hewson, it seems that Manga Entertainment UK will be releasing several Pokemon movies. the upcoming remaster of Transformers: The Movie and a 30th Anniversary Edition of Akira onto Blu-ray later this year. Read more of this post

Manga Entertainment’s Second Quarter Blu-ray and DVD Releases Outed by The Hut Group


First of all i take no credit for this, as it was provided to me by Agent347 on Twitter, but it seems The Hut Group, which inclues Zavvi and The Hut, are either on the ball or jumping the gun with their upcoming anime pre-orders, as they have recently listed all of  Manga Entertainment and Kaze’s forthcoming Blu-ray and DVD releases, interestingly with release dates and prices.

While the unveiling of the second quarter (April to June) may not be that exciting there is a few surprises in-store, such as confirmation of Complete Series boxsets in the form of Steins Gate, Kenichi and K-On! but more interestingly is the confirmation of Blue Exorcist Movie, K and Mardock Scramble.

The Full list (laid out by format) is below:

In Q2 Manga UK will be bringing us the following titles dvd-only:
– “07 April 2014 – Naruto Shippuden – Box 17” (SRP: £24.99)
– “14 April 2014 – KenIchi – The Complete Collection” (SRP: £49.99)
– “19 May 2014 – One Piece – Collection Six” (SRP: £34.99)
– “02 June 2014 – K-On!! – Season 2” (SRP £39.99)

These will be getting the blu-ray treatment from MangaUK:
– “21 April 2014 – Fairy Tail The Movie” (SRP: £24.99 for combopack & SRP £19.99 for DVD)
– “28 April 2014 – Guilty Crown – Part 2” (SRP: £34.99 for BD & £24.99 for DVD)
– “28 April 2014 – Fairy Tail – Part 7” (SRP £29.99 for BD and £24.99 for DVD)
– “12 May 2014 – Jormungand – Season 1” (SRP £34.99 for BD and £24.99 for DVD)
– “26 May 2014 – Blue Exorcist The Movie” (SRP combopack: £29.99 & SRP DVD: £19.99)
– “26 May 2014 – High School DxD – Complete Series” (SRP BD: £34.99 & SRP DVD: £24.99)
– “02 June 2014 – Fairy Tail – Collection Two” (SRP £39.99)
– “16 June 2014 – Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero – Complete Series” (SRP BD: £34.99 & SRP DVD: £24.99)
– “30 June 2014 – Steins;Gate – Complete Collection” (SRP £44.99 for BD & £39.99 for DVD)

And from the undead KHAZI on BD & DVD:
– “14 April 2014 – K” (SRP Combopack: £39.99)
– “12 May 2014 – Magi – Part 2” (SRP: £34.99 for BD & £29.99 for DVD)
– “16 June 2014 – Mardock Scramble – The Third Exhaust” (SRP £24.99 for BD and £19.99 for DVD)

And dvd-only from Kaze:
– “07 april 2014 – Bleach – Season 13 Part 1” (SRP: £29.99)
– “09 June 2014 – Bleach – Season 13 Part 2” (SRP: £29.99)

Interestingly non of these pre-orders are currently listed in the Anime section of their respective departments and the only way to find them is by searching for it.

Either way judging from the list, which has yet to be officially confirmed by Manga UK, it seems April, May and June will be exciting times for UK anime fans, especially those who have been waiting for complete box-sets of Steins Gate and K-On.

Manga Entertainment’s Manchester MCM Comic-Con 2013 Anime Announcements

mcm-comic-expo-manchesterFor the first time Manga Entertainment UK hosted a podcast recording at the Manchester MCM Comic-Con (previously known as MCM Expo) and with it they announced a slew of new anime acquisitions as well as release windows for previously confirmed titles, such as K-On! The Movie.

New anime acquisitions include Sengoku Basara – The Last Party, Eureka Seven AO, Blood-C: The Last Dark, Fairy Tail – The Movie and Karneval, while confirmed release windows for K-On! The Movie, Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trial and Guilty Crown were also announced.


28th October:  K-On! The Movie (DVD & DVD/Blu-ray Combo Pack)
4th November: Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood Trial (DVD & Blu-ray via Kaze)
18th November: Guilty Crown – Part 1 (DVD & Blu-ray)
2nd December: Fairy Tail – Part 5 (DVD)


Q1: Blood-C: The Last Dark (format TBC)
Q1: Eureka Seven AQ – Part 1 (format TBC)
Q1: One Piece – Collection 5 (DVD)
??: Sengoku Basara – The Last Party (format TBC)
??: Fairy Tail – The Movie (format TBC)
??: Karneval (format TBC)

More details surrounding each of these releases will be unveiled later in the year, and most likely at the London MCM Comic-Con which takes place in October. Personally i’m excited to see the Sengoku Basara Movie, as the series is highly underrated, as well as the conclusion to the Blood-C franchise in the form of The Last Dark.