Anime Limited To Re-Author & Re-Release Durarara Blu-ray Set, DVD Release Delayed Until Further Notice


It seems Anime Limited have decided to take action against all of the complaint’s received regarding their Durarara Blu-ray release as the UK Distributor have announced that they will re-author and re-release the Durarara Blu-ray set while the DVD version of the series will be delayed until further notice.

We’ve taken the decision to re-author the discs for fans in the UK! We don’t want anyone feeling unhappy and anyone who orders it will get replacement discs per show from us that needs them as soon as it’s done.

Nobody likes a broken product on the market and we’re not happy about that, nor is Siren in Australia for that matter.

This whole issue started when reviewers (such as ourselves) informed Anime Limited that their Blu-ray release of the series had missing sign track subtitles and a few subtitling issues, such as subtitles disappearing from the screen (if you read our review then you may already be aware of these issues). Read more of this post