Anime Limited Delays Cowboy Bebop DVD Box Set Due to Quality Issues

Anime Limited, also known as All The Anime, have today took to facebook to reveal that their upcoming DVD Boxset release of Cowboy Bebop will be delayed until early november due to a quality issue.

According to the post, while the company was providing a Quality Control (QC) check on the DVD’s they noticed that several episodes suffered a picture-quality-loss, because of this the DVD set will now be released across six DVD discs (instead of the previously rumoured four DVD discs) and it will also arrive a bit later. As it’s stands the Blu-ray release remains unaffected, which is due out on the 14th October 2013.

Due to an output quality issue picked up during the quality control review, the DVD collection of Cowboy Bebop is being delayed until November 4th. This issue is currently being amended – the box set disc number will increase to 6 in order to maintain the quality expected of this release.

It’s not fully explained what ‘output quality issue’ refers to, however the included screenshot was the quality that they were referring to. Everyone knows that a Blu-ray provides a better picture quality over DVD, but it seems Anime Limited wanted to get the best picture quality out of the new HD Remasters on each DVD Discs. In another turn of events the DVD set will increase from four DVD discs to Six, however Andrew from anime limited has also explained that the overall cost of the set will not go up.

no cost will not go up. We have to master two extra discs but we’ve decided to absorb this cost. We listed the set at a price and we’ll honour that.

Cowboy Bebop – The Complete Series on DVD is now estimated to be released on the 4th November 2013, while the Blu-ray release of Cowboy Bebop – Part 2 (which contains the second half of the series) will be released on the 14th October 2013.