PROMARE To Receive Steelbook Blu-Ray Release in the UK

Anime Limited have announced that they have partnered with Zavvi to offer fans an exclusive Steelbook Blu-Ray Edition of PROMARE for UK audiences.

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Screen Anime Officially Launches in the UK

Anime Limited’s festival themed streaming service Screen Anime officially launched in the UK this week and we’ve slowly begun to understand what it may offer for anime fans hoping to bring the the thrills of the big-screen to the little screen. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Announces Screen Anime Streaming Service for UK

In a rather unique, but especially surprising, announcement Anime Limited (otherwise known as All The Anime) have today announced the birth of a digital streaming platform known as Screen Anime, with the idea of bringing the joys of ‘anime on the big screen’ at home. through a digital streaming platform. Read more of this post

PROMARE Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Details Confirmed for June Release

Earlier in the year Anime Limited confirmed, following listings on retailers such as Amazon UK, that they had plans to release a Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray of STUDIO TRIGGER’s first feature-length IP, PROMARE, and during the weekend the UK anime distributor-come-publisher detailed what fans can expect from the Collector’s Edition release of the film. Read more of this post

Anime Limited to Release PROMARE on Blu-Ray This June

Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, have officially announced that STUDIO TRIGGER’s feature-length-film PROMARE will be available on Blu-Ray as both a Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition Combo Pack on the 1st June 2020. Read more of this post

Movie Review: PROMARE

Studio TRIGGER’s first independent animated film, PROMARE, ignites the fires of familiarity with references and hints to past works, including both GURREN LAGGAN and KILL LA KILL; but surprisingly most people seem to compare it with the currently simulcast streaming series Fire Force. Personally I do not see the resemblance, other than both containing fire fighters; but I haven’t watched Fire Force myself just yet. Regardless PROMARE will satisfy your hunger for STUDIO TRIGGER and even more so with its insanely addictive soundtrack. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Acquires Promare for UK Release

Anime Limited have announced that they have acquired the UK distribution rights to STUDIO TRIGGER’s feature-length-film Promare, of which is currently being shown as part of the Scotland Loves Anime film festival; and that the film will receive a wider cinematic release in the UK next month. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Anime 2019 Film Schedule Revealed and Tickets Now Available

Scotland Loves Anime, otherwise known as Loves Animation, is fast approaching and with just over a month to go until the event the official website has now been updated with confirmation of the films planned to be shown as well as links on where to pre-book the tickets. Read more of this post