Naruto Shippuden – Box 25 Delayed Until Mid-September due to a Production Issue


In a rather comical, but slightly delayed on my part, piece of news Manga Entertainment UK have mentioned on social media that the UK Release of Naruto Shippuden – Box 25, which was initally due to be released today, has been delayed until mid-september due an issue during production. Read more of this post

Garden of Sinners Delayed Until November Due To Printing Issues


Those wishing to go gardening with their sins will have to wait until next month; as today MVM Entertainment have pushed back the release of the set due to printing issues with the artbox.

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UK Release of Outlaw Star Delayed Until November


Anime Limited has today took to facebook to announce that their upcoming DVD release of ‘Outlaw Star: The Complete Series’ has been delayed until November 2013 due to a production issue.

According to the statement issued by Anime Limited for this DVD release they wanted to use a new (presumeably re-mastered) video of the series and merge it together with the English audio, however due to unexpected problems during this merge the series has had to be pushed back into November.

As some of our keen friends have noticed, Amazon has shifted the date for Outlaw Star remastered – it’s true and we’re about as happy about it as fans of the series…

This is due to a dubbing material issue out of our control and as we’re intent to deliver the best product possible we’ve had to push the release date back to November (tentatively).

If people are interested – it’s mostly to do with the joys of preparing a whole new video never used in English before and re-acquiring the dubbing. Which is not as easy as you could be lead to believe!

Basically Anime Limited want to offer their customers the ‘perfect’ Outlaw Star experience on DVD by offering an improved visual and audio quality, but of course due to this ‘perfection’ the series has now suffered a minor delay.

Outlaw Star: The Complete Series is now expected to be released on the 4th November 2013, however this date could also change if problems continue to occur.