Pokemon XY Now Broadcasting on POP! within UK

During the past few months the Sony owned TV network of channels POP!, which consist of POP!, Tiny POP! and POP! Max, have been showing the Pokemon Black & White TV anime to great success and now POP! has expanded its range of Pokemon by offering Pokemon XY.

Currently new episodes are being broadcast each Saturday and Sunday at 10:30am and 11am and – from my understanding at least – have quietly been showing this series for the past few weeks (at the time of writing they are currently on Episode 13).

Pokemon XY, and in turn Pokemon Black & White are being broadcast on POP! which is available for free on Freeview, Sky and Freesat. Pokemon Black & White is also shown on POP! Max almost everyday.



Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us To Receive Cinematic Screenings within the UK

Those eager to see the new Pokemon film, officially known outside of Japan as Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us, will be excited to learn that the film will receive a limited cinematic showing across the UK later this year; as announced earlier today on social media and on the official website. Read more of this post

Manga Entertainment UK Reveals Q3 & Q4 2018 Release Schedule; Announces New Digimon, Tokyo Godfathers and Pokemon Releases

Manga Entertainment UK have taken the bold step to announce the release schedule for the rest of the year; and with it unveiling new title licenses including Complete season collections of Digimon Tamers & Digimon Frontier, both of which have never received a DVD release in the UK, another Pokemon Movie Collection that consists of the XY Movies and Tokyo Godfathers on Blu-Ray. Read more of this post

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee! Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and GAME FREAK have announced the latest installment into the Pokemon franchise; and it’s non-other-than a hybrid that combines elements from the original Pokemon games with the iconic exploration and capture techniques of Pokemon Go. Introducing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu! & Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee! for the Nintendo Switch. Read more of this post

Manga UK Q3 2018 Release Schedule Announced; New Title Licenses Confirmed

Usually Manga Entertainment UK would reveal new titles and confirm their upcoming release schedule at the MCM London Comic Con, of which takes place towards the end of the month, but this year the distributor have opted to announce everything due to be released between June and September in one long announcement. Read more of this post

Pokemon Black & White: Adventures In Unova Now Broadcasting on POP! MAX

POP! MAX continues to broadcast older generations of the Pokemon TV Anime as following on from Pokemon Black & White as well as Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destines, which broadcast on sister TV channel POP!, the network are now broadcasting the final installment into the Black & White timeline; Pokemon Black & White: Adventures In Unova as well as Pokemon Black & White: Adventures In Unova and Beyond. Read more of this post

Manga UK To Release Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Movie Collection on DVD This May

In a rather interesting announcement Manga Entertainment UK have revealed that they will be releasing the Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Movie Collection on DVD next month within the UK; specifically the 21st May 2018. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!

Following on from its limited cinema release last November, Manga Entertainment UK now brings us the ‘DVD’ release of Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You; but just how good is this DVD release and more importantly does the film hold up? Let’s find out in our review! Read more of this post

Manga UK License Occultic Nine & Dragon Ball Z TV Specials; Q2 2018 Schedule Announced

Following on from the license acquistion announcement for the Netflix Original Film BLAME! the UK Anime Distributor Manga Entertainment UK have now announced that they have also acquired the Blu-Ray and DVD distribution rights to Occultic Nine and the Dragon Ball Z TV Specials Collection which consists of ‘Dragon Ball Z: History of Trunks’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z: Bardock the Father of Goku’. Alongside these new title announcements the distributor went on to reveal their Q2 2018 release schedule. Read more of this post

KOKKOKU & The Red Turtle Now Streaming on Amazon Prime UK

Amazon UK continues to expand the anime offerings available as the online-retailer-giant have now made Studio Ghibli’s The Red Turtle and Yoshimitsu Ohashi’s directed anime series KOKKOKU on Amazon Instant Video and available to stream at no additional cost for Amazon Prime members. Read more of this post