Anime Limited’s Release of Miss Hokusai Won’t Feature the English Dub

Miss Hokusai

In a newly released podcast Andrew Partridge has revealed that Anime Limited’s Blu-ray and DVD release of Miss Hokusai will not feature the English Dub that is currently being produced by GKIDS in America and instead it will be released as a Japanese (English subtitled only) film later this year. Read more of this post

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate To Receive Steelbook Release within the UK


Manga Entertainment UK have recently confirmed, via their latest podcast, that their Blu-ray release of Bayonetta: Bloody Fate will be available as a limited edition steelbook in addition to a regular Blu-ray (and DVD) release.

The film, which acts as a prequel of sorts to the game(s), will be available on DVD, Blu-ray and Steelbook Blu-ray on the 24th November 2014 within the UK.

Further clarification, such as the contents of the Steelbook Edition, will be confirmed in due course but at least its another steelbook to add to our ‘wounderful’ collection.

Manga Entertainment UK Confirms Blu-ray Release of Blue Exorcist


Manga Entertainment UK have today confirmed, via their latest Podcast, that Blue Exorcist will be re-released on Blu-ray with its English Audio Track in addition to the Japanese Audio track.

Blue Exorcist has previously been released on DVD, but what makes this announcement important is that the DVD release of Blue Exorcist only featured Japanese Audio (with English Subtitles), since the discs were released before an English Dub had been produced for the show. Now that an English Dub for the series has been produced the series can be re-released with both the English & Japanese Audio, so not only do we get the High Definition Treatment for Blue Exorcist but we also get it fully dubbed in English.

According to the Podcast, the series will be released as two Blu-ray Box sets, each entitled ‘Blue Exorcist: The Definitive Collection’, with all 25 episodes (and most likely the OVA episode) spread across several discs. A DVD version will also be released, but it will only feature Japanese Audio, which suggests a repackaged version of the original DVD sets.

An expected release date (or price) has yet to be mentioned, but with the London Comic Con only a few days away we may see new details surrounding this release (and more) come to light.

Manga Entertainment UK Unveils London MCM Comic Con Line Up


Manga Entertainment UK have today unveild its plans for the upcoming MCM Comic Con in, which is taking place on the 24th – 26th May 2013 at the Excel Centre.

As per usual a LIVE Manga Podcast will be recorded and that Special Sales, which will be taking place at Booth 510, will be available – however in addition to this Manga will be selling exclusive content, such as the pre-announced Drifters of the Dead OVA as well as hosting its own mammoth competition.

Here is a rundown of what attendees of the expo can expect from Manga Entertainment UK: Read more of this post

Manga UK Confirms Blu-ray & DVD Release for Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Will of Fire

Continuing along with the trend of podcast announcements, Jerome from Manga Entertainment UK has today revealed that the third feature length film in the Naruto Shippuden saga will be heading to the UK and it will be available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Jerome confirmed that Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Will of Fire will be available on Blu-ray and DVD from the 12th August 2013 within the UK. Furthermore a trilogy box set, which will contain all of the Naruto Shippuden films thus far will also made available on the same day.  It was also mentioned that Pre-order listings for both releases will be made available within the coming weeks.

Naruto Shippuden The Movie: The Will of Fire and the Naruto Shippuden Movie trilogy pack will be available on DVD & Blu-ray from the 12th August 2013.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OVA Collection Gets Delayed within the UK

Manga Entertainment UK has today confirmed, via its latest Podcast, that the UK release of the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood OVA Collection will be delayed due to a technical fault with the subtitles on the Blu-ray Disc.

According to the UK Anime Network, they experienced ‘subtitle issues’ with the Review / Sample Discs and because of this issue it rendered the release ‘impossible’ to watch in its original japanese format. The UK Anime Network  forwarded this information onto Manga Entertainment UK, who repsonded that they would try and fix the issue before its release next monday – however during the Podcast Manga confirmed that the release would have to be ‘pushed back’ until the problem has been sorted.

While the fault is only on the ‘Blu-ray’ Disc of the Collection, the DVD disc, which works perfectly fine, will not be released seperately, meaning that fans will have to wait until the Blu-ray disc has been fixed – before being able to watch any of the OVA Collection.

While some fans may be disappointed with news of the delay, its great to see that this ‘issue’ was picked up before its general release, unlike the Panty & Stocking DVD Collection which featured several seconds worth of footage missing – because of this error Manga had to recall all stock from customers and retailers, before being able to re-release a fixed version of the product.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – OVA Collection was expected to be released next monday, 15th October 2012, however at this moment in time the release has been pushed back into an ‘unannounced’ release date.

via: UK Anime Network

UK Release of Persona 4: The Animation Gets New Details Revealed in Latest Podcast

New Details for the ‘upcoming’ UK Blu-ray and DVD release of Persona 4: The Animation have been recently revealed in Manga Entertainment UK’s latest podcast.

According to the podcast, which features Manga UK’s Head of Marketing & Acquisitions Jerome Mazandarani, he confirms that the UK Release of Persona 4: The Animation will be released in three seperate Blu-ray / DVD Combo Packs, with each pack having an estimated Retail price of £29.99. Volume 1 will be released on the 24th December 2012 and will feature 9 Episodes over two DVD’s and one Blu-ray Disc, while Volume 2 and Volume 3 will be released in the same style during Mid 2013. Read more of this post