Piofiore: Fated Memories Arrives on Nintendo Switch Physically and Digitally

Aksys Games continues to deliver visual novel fans with various types of stories as today the American based publisher have released the powerful and dramatic otome adventure Piofiore: Fated Memories onto the Nintendo Switch physically and digitally across Europe. Read more of this post

New Game Plus Expo 2020: Aksys Games Announcement Summary

The New Game Plus Expo 2020 has officially begun and while the showcase of the event can be rewatched here a breakdown of the newly announced titles from Aksys Games can be found below, along with trailers for the relevant games. In short, if you like visual novel games then you’ll love what Aksys Games have in store for you during the rest of the year. Read more of this post

Aksys Games Announces Code: Realize, Collar X Malice, and Piofiore Visual Novels for Nintendo Switch Release

It seems Aksys Games have been busy behind the scenes as the North American publisher have announced plans to release three different visual novel franchises, and six different games, onto the Nintendo Switch in the near future; with the first title being released next month. Read more of this post