Persona 5 Receives a New English Dubbed Story Trailer


Persona 5 has received a new English Dubbed trailer courtest of Deep Silver and Atlus; however unlike previous gameplay trailers this one gives us an insight into the games story as well as the vocal talent behind the characters. Read more of this post

Persona 5 Western Released Delayed Until April


In rather disappointing style ATLUS, along with publisher Deep Silver, revealed during a live-streaming that the western release of Persona 5 has had to be pushed back until the 4th April 2016. Read more of this post

Ryuji Sakamoto Enters the Fray in Newly Released Persona 5 Trailer


ATLUS and Deep Silver continue to tease fans with English-centric gameplay of Persona 5 and today fans get a closer look at Ryuji Sakamoto; one of the main protagonists featured within the upcoming JPRG game for the PS4 and PS3. Read more of this post

Get Closer to Ann Takamaki with this New Persona 5 Character Trailer


ATLUS, in conjunction with DEEP Silver / Koch Media, continue to tease fans with new Persona 5 content and during the past week a new character trailer for Ann Takamaki, as well as her English Dub voice actor Erika Harlacher, were released into the wild. Read more of this post

ATLUS Unveils Partial Voice Cast for Persona 5 English Dub


Persona 5, the long awaited next installment into the Persona franchise, returns next year within Europe and to give fans a ‘peek’ at the upcoming English Dub ATLUS, along with European distributor Koch Media / Deep Silver, have released a selection of trailers along with a partial cast announcement for the English Dub itself. Read more of this post

Persona 5 European Release Date Announced Alongside Limited Edition Bundles


After a short period of silence publisher Deep Silver have today finally lifted the lid on it’s European release plans for Persona 5; and it is going to be good! For starters Persona 5 will be released onto the PS4 and PS3 on the 14th February 2017; additionally a selection of Limited Edition bundles will also be made available – some of which replicate the content received elsewhere within the world.

In short two variations of Persona 5 will exist for the PS4; a “Take Your Heart” Edition and “Steelbook Edition” will be released each of which containing a variety of collectable content related to this particular game. The Take Your Heart Edition of Persona 5 is expected to retail at €89.99 / £79.99 while the steelbook edition is expected to retail at €69.99 / £54.99. Read more of this post

Persona 5 Receives an 18-Minute Japanese Gameplay Video


Information on Persona 5 continues to trickle through from Japan and while most information comes in the form of magazine photos or screenshots this recent piece of information is no other than an eighteen minute long gameplay demonstration which sees the opening elements of the game played out to us anixously waiting for it to be released. Read more of this post

Deep Silver Announce European Publishing Deal with SEGA & ATLUS; Includes Persona 5 and Shin Megami Tensei IV


Ever since ATLUS announced the American release date for Persona 5 many have been speculating when a European release of the game will be mentioned; well today it seems that question has been partly answered as publisher Deep Silver, the company behind the upcoming King of Fighters title, have today announced that they have entered a publishing agreement with SEGA and Atlus for various japanese developed titles; with Persona 5 being one of the titles in question. Read more of this post