Screen Anime Officially Launches in the UK

Anime Limited’s festival themed streaming service Screen Anime officially launched in the UK this week and we’ve slowly begun to understand what it may offer for anime fans hoping to bring the the thrills of the big-screen to the little screen. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Announces Screen Anime Streaming Service for UK

In a rather unique, but especially surprising, announcement Anime Limited (otherwise known as All The Anime) have today announced the birth of a digital streaming platform known as Screen Anime, with the idea of bringing the joys of ‘anime on the big screen’ at home. through a digital streaming platform. Read more of this post

Viceland UK To Broadcast A Letter to Momo, Patema Inverted & Mai Mai Miracle This Week

New TV listings on the Sky Planner have revealed that VICELAND UK (Sky Channel 153) will be showing A Letter to Momo, Patema Inverted and Mai Mai Miracle alongside regular scheduled anime showings of Tokyo Ghoul, Samurai Champloo and Eureka Seven. Read more of this post

VICELAND UK To Broadcast Anime Movies This September

Following on from the TV Broadcasts of Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Ghoul and Samurai Champloo Sky TV Channel ‘VICELAND UK‘ will now be broadcasting anime movies from Anime Limited’s back catalogue of films. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Patema Inverted – Ultimate Edition [UK]

patema_inverted_ultimate_edition_frontThe Ultimate Edition of Patema Inverted all began as a Kickstarter attempt by Anime Limited, and while the overall campaign was a success the end result of the Ultimate Edition was even better; and today we are going to take a look at that end result. Read more of this post

Ultimate Edition of Patema Inverted Delayed By One Week for Kickstarter Backers


It seems Anime Limited’s Patema Inverted Kickstarter project is becoming just as ‘botched’ as the rest of their anime releases; as now the Ultimate Edition has received a week delay.

As explained in a recent Kickstarter Update the production company (printers) for this release forgot to include the O-Card with the Ulitmate Edition of Patema Inverted and, as a result, the release has been delayed so that the O-Card can be included and shipped to all backers.

– Printers helpfully forgot about an O-Card for the UK, so we’re just waiting on those to be delivered. This means alas the Ultimate will ship one week later for backers now (week of December 1st) and the retail date on Amazon for it will be December 14th. This is why we don’t have any pictures to share yet for the Ultimate either (and we’re chomping our own hands off over it).

– Standard edition is now in the warehouse so will go out to backers of that tier next week as planned still, retail date being December 1st

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Anime Limited Begins Shipping Patema Inverted To Kickstarter Backers; Collectors Edition Delayed Till Next Year


It’s been a long and tough road for Anime Limited, or All The Anime if you prefer, but the Patema Inverted Kickstarter Campaign is finally drawing to a close.

Speaking in a Kickstarter Update earlier today the company confirmed that those who pledged for the Standard and Ultimate Edition tiers will see their products being shipped next week;

It’s finally here! The time to send out the Ultimate Edition and Standard Edition copies of Patema Inverted is finally upon us. Kickstarter backer copies of the UE and SE will be going out early next week – so you should expect to receive them soon!

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Patema Inverted Gets an English Dubbed Trailer


All The Anime’s Kickstarter project for an Ultimate Edition of Patema Inverted is steadily reaching it’s climax, with the overall product to ship within the next few weeks but in the meantime the American distributor, GKids Films, have recently began streaming an English Dubbed trailer of the film.

The trailer, which can be seen below, not only gives an idea of what to expect from the film but it also highlights some of the voice actors you can expect to hear (see) from within the film. Read more of this post

Patema Inverted: Ultimate Edition To Include Soundtrack; Upgrade Promotion Unveiled for Kickstarter Backers


If you are a fan of the animated film Patema Inverted then prepare to get excited as All The Anime have today confirmed that the Patema Inverted Soundtrack will now be included with the Ultimate Edition of the film.

It’s currently unclear if this ‘extra’ is exclusive to Kickstarter backers; but what is apparent is that everyone who supported and chose the ‘Ultimate Edition’ of Patema Inverted will receive a copy of the soundtrack; as the latest Kickstarter update reveals: Read more of this post

All The Anime Unveils Q4 2014 Release Schedule

tengen-toppa-gurren-lagann-1As of late All The Anime have been rather quiet with their plans for upcoming anime releases; especially after the successful Kickstarter campaigns for Patema Inverted and Mai Mai Miracle. Well that is about to change as All The Anime have today taken to their blog to reveal the full Q4 2014 release Schedule and there is a few surprises in-store.

September 2014:

  • Gurren Lagann: Ultimate Edition -> SRP £149.99
  • Gurren Lagann: DVD Collector’s Edition -> SRP: £49.99
  • Gurren Lagann: TV Blu-Ray collection -> SRP £59.99 (changed from £79.99 SRP in exchange for an Amaray box)

October 2014:

  • HAL: Collectors Edition Combi-Pack -> SRP: £34.99
  • Blood Lad – Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray -> SRP: £49.99
  • Blood Lad – DVD edition -> SRP: £34.99
  • Patema Inverted – Ultimate Edition -> SRP: £84.99
  • Patema Inverted – Collector’s Edition -> SRP: £34.99
  • Patema Inverted – Regular Edition -> SRP: £24.99

November 2014:

  • Wings of Honneamise – Collector’s Edition Combi-pack -> SRP £34.99
  • Wings of Honneamise – DVD edition -> SRP £17.99
  • Space Dandy – Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition -> SRP £69.99
  • Space Dandy – DVD Collector’s Edition -> SRP £49.99

December 2014:

  • Mystery Film – Collector’s Edition Combi-pack -> SRP £34.99
  • Mystery Film – DVD Edition – SRP £19.99
  • TENTATIVE: Kill la Kill – Part 1 Collector’s Edition Combi-pack SRP: £59.99

It’s worth nothing that all Ultimate and Collectors Edition bundles will receive artbooks and come in a rigid chipboard case (similar to that of Cowboy Bebop / Tiger & Bunny Movie); furthermore the Blood Lad sets will include the OVA Episodes.

It’s nice to see All The Anime starting to push a larger range of releases out onto the market; as other than Kickstarter Campaigns or cinematic releases we haven’t heard much from them. Furhtermore while the ‘release month’ has been confirmed the actual release date for each title (other than Gurren Lagann) has yet to be announced so some waiting is still in order.