FUNimation To Be Acquired by Sony Pictures TV

In rather interesting news US Anime Distributor and dubbing production house FUNimation, otherwise known as FUNimation Entertainment, have today announced that they will be acquired by Sony Pictures TV with Sony purchasing a majority stake in the company. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Gives Attendees Four Reasons to Visit Their Booth at MCM London Comic Con


With the October 2016 MCM London Comic Con just over a week away UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime; have finally spoken up about their plans for the weekend long event and, as you would expect, it comes with a few surprises. Read more of this post

Viewster forms Partnership with FUNimation, Selection of Anime Streamed Free within the UK



It’s not often we talk about ‘streaming’ services, mainly because this is a blog about UK Blu-ray (and occasionally DVD) releases, however Viewster, a free online streaming service, have recently announced that a partnership has been formed with FUNimation and because of this a variety of anime titles are now available for streaming within the UK.

These titles include Dance in the Vampire Bund, Strike Witches – Season 2, Shuffle, FLCL, Hellsing and Vandread, with more expected to be added in the following weeks. It’s not just the ‘odd episode’ either, as each title has the complete series listed – some of which are presented in English (Dance in the Vampire Bund) while others are presented in Japanese (with English subtitles).

For those unaware Viewster is a free streaming service, similar to Crackle, and in order for the site to be maintained advertisements are placed on the videos (i.e. like adverts) which generates revenue for more shows to be put onto the site – which also means no monthly subscription. Of course while there is no monthly fee it does mean that the ‘selection’ of titles is limited, either way it’s an alternate form of watching anime legally within the UK.

All of the titles listed above can now be viewed on viewsters website, but more importantly they can be viewed within the UK.