FUNimation Titles Distributed by Anime Limited Removed from Retailers or Listed as “Out of Stock”

In some rather interesting, and extremely surprising news, it appears that FUNimation titles distributed by Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, have been either listed as sold out or removed from online retailers; that is according to a report on Anime UK News and as pointed out by community members on the website. Read more of this post

Anime Limited & FUNimation Q2 Release Schedule Released


Anime Limited have recently taken to their official blog to announce the Q2 release line-up for both their own titles as well as those released by FUNimation UK; and it looks to be a pretty busy period for both companies. Read more of this post

FUNimation UK Releases Receive Minor Release Date Alterations


As part of the Anime Limited Newswire FUNimation UK have revealed a new release date list for it’s next batch of UK releases and disappointingly some minor delays have been revealed. Read more of this post

FUNimation UK’S Release of No-Rin Demoted to Blu-ray Only


Earlier in the year Anime Limited, on behalf of FUNimation UK, announced that the Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack release of No-Rin would receive PAL DVD Masters as requested by the Japanese licensor. Well today, as part of a new update on the Anime Limited blog, the distributor have revealed that the series will now be released as a ‘Blu-ray only’ release. Read more of this post

FUNimation UK Q1 2017 Release Schedule Revealed


FUNimation UK continues to ‘steadily’ move along in it’s attempt at releasing anime titles within the UK and while the past few weeks have seen numerous titles released from the American-based-distributor, such as HighSchool DxD BoRN and Gonna Be The Twin-Tail, we have yet to receive a steady stream of releases… that is until online retailer Anime-On-Line revealed a list of future titles coming from the distributor. Read more of this post

Upcoming FUNimation UK Releases Given Concrete Release Dates


FUNimation presence within the UK may have gotten off on to a ‘rocky’ start but it seems like things are about to stablise as Anime Limited, the distributor for FUNimation titles within the UK, have recently confirmed a selection of release dates for upcoming titles such as Fairy Tail and No-Rin. Read more of this post

FUNimation UK Release of No-Rin To Receive PAL DVD Masters

In a recent newswire posted up on the Anime Limited website it has been revealed that FUNimation UK’s upcoming Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack release of No-Rin – The Complete Series will be delayed once again so that PAL Masters for the DVD discs can be created specifically for the UK market. Read more of this post

Anime Limited & FUNimation Clarify Release Plans for Upcoming Titles


Another week, another newswire and once again Anime Limited continues to provide disappointing news in the form of updated release date amendments to both their own titles and FUNimation licensed shows; but of course kudos must be given to the distributor for trying something ‘special’ with each of their releases. Read more of this post

FUNimation UK Home Video Releases Continue To Receive Delays


FUNimation’s UK Home Video presence continues to prove disappointing to those waiting as the latest newswire on Anime Limited’s blog has revealed that further delays have occured to a wide-variety of upcoming FUNimation titles; namely No-Rin, Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! and Fairy Tail. Read more of this post

Multiple FUNimation Home Video Releases Delayed; Including Fairy Tail


FUNimation’s presence in the UK Anime market continues to be a dawdling one as following on from last week’s news that Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! would be delayed until an unspecified date FUNimation have now revealed, via their UK Distribution partners Anime Limited, that both Fairy Tail and No-Rin will also receive a delay.

Although Anime Limited have not provided any ‘tentative’ release date in their latest newswire blog post a number of online retailers, specifically Amazon UK, have begun to list potential release dates for these titles. Specifically Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! is listed as 22nd August 2016 (although this is most likely incorrect), Fairy Tail – Part 10 is listed as 7th November 2016 (which sounds about right) while No-Rin is listed for the 22nd August 2016 which also seems abit optimistic. Read more of this post