May 2014 London MCM Comic Con New Anime Licenses Round-Up


It’s been an exciting and insanely busy weekend at this years May London Comic Con Expo and with the three major anime distributors (Manga UK, MVM and Anime Limited) opting to announce their new titles in various different ways we’ve decided to gather all the information into one ‘easy’ to read spot. Read more of this post

Manga Entertainment’s Second Quarter Blu-ray and DVD Releases Outed by The Hut Group


First of all i take no credit for this, as it was provided to me by Agent347 on Twitter, but it seems The Hut Group, which inclues Zavvi and The Hut, are either on the ball or jumping the gun with their upcoming anime pre-orders, as they have recently listed all of  Manga Entertainment and Kaze’s forthcoming Blu-ray and DVD releases, interestingly with release dates and prices.

While the unveiling of the second quarter (April to June) may not be that exciting there is a few surprises in-store, such as confirmation of Complete Series boxsets in the form of Steins Gate, Kenichi and K-On! but more interestingly is the confirmation of Blue Exorcist Movie, K and Mardock Scramble.

The Full list (laid out by format) is below:

In Q2 Manga UK will be bringing us the following titles dvd-only:
– “07 April 2014 – Naruto Shippuden – Box 17” (SRP: £24.99)
– “14 April 2014 – KenIchi – The Complete Collection” (SRP: £49.99)
– “19 May 2014 – One Piece – Collection Six” (SRP: £34.99)
– “02 June 2014 – K-On!! – Season 2” (SRP £39.99)

These will be getting the blu-ray treatment from MangaUK:
– “21 April 2014 – Fairy Tail The Movie” (SRP: £24.99 for combopack & SRP £19.99 for DVD)
– “28 April 2014 – Guilty Crown – Part 2” (SRP: £34.99 for BD & £24.99 for DVD)
– “28 April 2014 – Fairy Tail – Part 7” (SRP £29.99 for BD and £24.99 for DVD)
– “12 May 2014 – Jormungand – Season 1” (SRP £34.99 for BD and £24.99 for DVD)
– “26 May 2014 – Blue Exorcist The Movie” (SRP combopack: £29.99 & SRP DVD: £19.99)
– “26 May 2014 – High School DxD – Complete Series” (SRP BD: £34.99 & SRP DVD: £24.99)
– “02 June 2014 – Fairy Tail – Collection Two” (SRP £39.99)
– “16 June 2014 – Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero – Complete Series” (SRP BD: £34.99 & SRP DVD: £24.99)
– “30 June 2014 – Steins;Gate – Complete Collection” (SRP £44.99 for BD & £39.99 for DVD)

And from the undead KHAZI on BD & DVD:
– “14 April 2014 – K” (SRP Combopack: £39.99)
– “12 May 2014 – Magi – Part 2” (SRP: £34.99 for BD & £29.99 for DVD)
– “16 June 2014 – Mardock Scramble – The Third Exhaust” (SRP £24.99 for BD and £19.99 for DVD)

And dvd-only from Kaze:
– “07 april 2014 – Bleach – Season 13 Part 1” (SRP: £29.99)
– “09 June 2014 – Bleach – Season 13 Part 2” (SRP: £29.99)

Interestingly non of these pre-orders are currently listed in the Anime section of their respective departments and the only way to find them is by searching for it.

Either way judging from the list, which has yet to be officially confirmed by Manga UK, it seems April, May and June will be exciting times for UK anime fans, especially those who have been waiting for complete box-sets of Steins Gate and K-On.

Ninja Scroll Steelbook Unboxing Video Released

Manga Entertainment UK has recently released a short, but informative, unboxing video for the ‘soon to-be-released’ UK Exclusive Ninja Scroll Steelbook set. In the video, Jeremy, showcases what customers can expect from the steelbook’s artwork and shows off what is exactly inside the metalic case.

The Ninja Scroll Steelbook, which is currently exclusive to the UK, is only available for a limited period of time and it will be available from HMV, Play, Amazon, Zavvi and other good online retailers from the 26th November 2012.