New Game Plus Expo 2020: SNK Announcement Summary

In recent years SNK have made a bit of comeback by releasing newer instalments of its popular fighting games franchises and at New Game Plus Expo 2020 the company not only announced three Neo GEO games, of which bring some of the most beloved ‘Pocket Fighter’ titles to the Nintendo Switch, but also announced an interesting collaboration with FOR HONOR for the latest DLC character in Samurai Showdown. Read more of this post

New Game Plus Expo 2020: Idea Factory International Announcement Summary

Although the Nintendo eShop listing for Megadimension Neptunia VII went live earlier today, as reported here, we did not see any mention of it during the New Game Plus Expo 2020 showcase, however publisher Idea Factory International did showcase some brand new trailers of Death End Re;Quest 2 and Neptunia Virtual Stars; with Death End Re;Quest 2 even getting announced for an August 2020 release date. Read more of this post

New Game Plus Expo 2020: SPIKE CHUNSOFT Announcement Summary

SPIKE CHUNSOFT’s involvement with New Game Plus Expo 2020 saw new trailers for a variety of different titles, including both ROBOTICS;NOTES and RE:ZERO, as well as a special message from the creator of the Danganronpa franchise. A breakdown of what was announced, along with any trailers for the respective titles, can be found below. Read more of this post