Humble Book Bundle Offers Digital MONOGATARI Manga and Light Novels

Humble Bundle, a site known for offering bundles of games, books and software at discounted prices with the proceeds going to charity, have recently started a new Humble Book Bundle which sees a large variety of digital Light Novels, Manga and Artbooks from the MONOGATARI franchise being offered for an insanely low asking price. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment To Release Nekomonogatari: Black onto Blu-ray and DVD


Those hoping that MVM Entertainment would continue to release the Monogatari franchise are in for a pleasent surprise, as the UK distributor today announced on twitter that they have acquired the UK distribution rights to Nekomonogatari: Black, the prequel to Bakemonogatari.

Nekomonogatari is a four-episode long series that acts as a prequel to Bakemonogatari, whereby Koyomi Araragi re-accounts his meeting with Tsubasa Hanekawa and the second spirit he dealt with, namely the cat spirit.

Despite being only four episodes long MVM Entertainment will be releasing the series on both Blu-ray and DVD, with a current release date slated for 25th August 2014, furthermore Bakemonogatari: Black is also available to pre-order from MVM Entertainment’s online shop, Anime-On-Line.