AIR, Kanon and Haibane Renmei UK Releases Dates Changed

Late last year MVM Entertainment announced that they would release the classic anime titles AIR and Kanon on DVD and the standard edition of Haibane Renmei on Blu-Ray with each receiving potential release dates at the time of the announcement. Sadly, most likely due to delays with production, these release dates have now been changed.

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Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Movie III – Spring Song UK Blu-Ray and DVD Release Date Announced

As part of the ‘Early Bird’ promotion on anime-on-line, MVM Entertainment have revealed that the third instalment into the Heaven’s Feel Movie trilogy, known as Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel Movie III – Spring Song, will be released on the 14th March 2022.

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Blu-Ray Review: Dai Shogun – The Complete Collection

MVM Entertainment brings us Swords, Ninjas and Mechs on Blu-Ray with Dai Shogun – The Complete Collection, but what can someone expect to receive from this ‘cool title’ of an anime series? Let’s find out. Read more of this post

Anime Announcement Round-up from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


As per usual it has been a busy few days with the October 2016 MCM London Comic Con and if you seemingly missed our videos of each distributors panel, or are distributor announcement articles, then you’ll be happy to know that everything announcement throughout the entire weekend can be found within this single article! So; let’s get to it! Read more of this post

Nobunaga the Fool – Part 1 & Log Horizon – Season 2 Part 2 Release Dates Changed


Although not immiedately noticable it seems like MVM Entertainment have made some amendments to it’s anime release schedule; specifically the Blu-ray and DVD releases of Nobunaga the Fool – Part 1 and Log Horizon – Season 2 Part 2. Read more of this post

DVD Review: 11 Eyes – The Complete Collection


It only takes one eye to watch anime but in the event of this particular series 11 Eyes (11Eyes) may be needed; especially with the amount of events transpiring at once. In any event what can one expect to receive from this latest subtitled-only-release by MVM Entertainment? Well let’s find out in our review of 11 Eyes – The Complete Collection.


Raised in an orphanage after witnessing his sister’s suicide, Satsuki Kakeru’s life has already been dark and cruel enough. When he and his friend Yuka are thrown into a alternate dimension called the Red Night, it takes a gruesome turn from bad to horrific. Now, trapped flickering between our world and the Red, Kakeru quickly discovers that he and Yuka are not alone, and that, together with the other so-called “fragments,” they must defeat the malevolent entities known as the Black Knights.

Facing monsters from beyond imagination and at the center of a deadly hunt, Kakeru’s only chance of saving their lives now hinges on finding the power buried within himself and unraveling the mystery of his own origins and family… if he can survive long enough to do it! The horrors of the Red Night are just the beginning of the nightmare as shocking truths are exhumed! Read more of this post

MVM to Release Berserk, Chobits and Ergo Proxy on Blu-ray


In a rather unexpected and surprising announcement UK anime distributor MVM Entertainment have today confirmed via social media that they will be releasing Berserk (the original 1997 anime series), Chobits and Ergo Proxy on Blu-ray later this year; all of which are currently available to pre-order from MVM’s online store anime-on-line.

Chobits was previously announced as a Blu-ray release earlier in the year at MCM Comic Con May 2016; but news of MVM releasing Berserk and Ergo Proxy do come as a bit of a surprise. Interestingly enough Madman Entertainment had only recently announced that Berserk would be getting a Blu-ray release; which leads me to suspect that MVM are working with Madman Entertainment to release a Region B Blu-ray release of the series. It’s currently unclear what Blu-ray master Ergo Proxy will use but it’s assumed that Chobits will use the same discs masters created by FUNimation in America; which coincidentially were Region B compatible. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Delay’s July’s Entire Release Catalogue

fate-stay-night-unlimited-blade-works-part1-dvd-screenshot (1)

It a rather surprising, but disappointing, announcement MVM Entertainment have today revealed that every one of their anime releases for July 2016 has been delayed; with most titles being pushed back to the 25th July 2016 while Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun has been pushed even further.

Haibane Renmei – The Complete Series, which was due to be released on the 27th June 2016 on DVD, Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East – Series 1, which was due to be released on the 4th July 2016 on both DVD and Blu-ray, Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works – Part 2, which was due to be released on the 11th July 2016 as DVD and Collectors Edition Blu-ray, Blade Tempest – The Complete Series, which was due to be released on the 18th July 2016, have all been pushed back to the 25th July 2016. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Kamisama Kiss – Season 2

kamisama-kiss-season2-dvd-screenshot (6)

Tomoe and Nanami return in the second season of Kamisama Kiss but is the episodic content and storyline as amusing as the first season or has it warn off? Let’s take a look in our DVD Review of Kamisama Kiss – Season 2. Read more of this post

DVD Review: The Familiar of Zero F – The Complete Series

The-Familiar-of-Zero-F-DVD-Screenshot (6)

It’s been a long-time-coming; but the final series of The Familiar of Zero will soon be upon us – so does love overcome all dangers? Well according to this series yes! but what did i think of this DVD release of the The Familiar of Zero F by MVM Entertainment? Well find out below!


Their relationship has been building ever since she first accidentally kidnapped him from Earth, but even with all they’ve been though together, are Saito and Louise ready to take their relationship to the next level? The answer, sadly, will have to wait, as once again events in Halkeginia are running out of control and Saito and Louise find themselves, along with several other Void Mages, pressed into service to save the world.

And while any mission involving Void Magic is sure to suck at some point, the suck-age is certain to be compounded by the fact that one of the mages they’ll be working with is the amply endowed elf Tiffania. Who may have designs on getting familiar with Saito herself. Betrayals, reversals and the inevitable side trip to the hot springs lie ahead as the evil plots get plottier, the dysfunctional relationships get even more dysfunctional, and lots of stuff goes BOOM for only vaguely justifiable reasons! Read more of this post