Game Review: Mugen Souls Z (PC)


Throughout the past year Steam has become littered with various anime-themed games, with Idea Factory International publishing a majority of their Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise onto the service; but what about the less known titles such as Mugen Souls? Well thankfully thats where European-based publisher Ghostlight Games comes in as they have published the latest instalment of Mugen Souls, known as Mugen Souls Z, onto Steam and while it may not have a dominant appearence within the JPRG market right now it will sure bring-in some attention due to it’s colourful charastics! Read more of this post

Mugen Souls Z Steam Release Date Confirmed


Ghostlight Games have today announced that the Steam release of Mugen Souls Z, which is a JPRG originally developed by Compile Heart for the PS3 and acts as a sequel to the previously released Mugen Souls, will be available on the digital download service Steam from the 25th August 2016. Read more of this post

Ghostlight Games to Bring Mugen Souls Z to the PC Later this Year


Ghostlight Games, the European publisher for various games such as Elminage Original and Flame Over, have today announced that they will be releasing the free-roaming JPRG Mugen Souls Z onto the PC later this year.

Mugen Souls Z, which acts a sequel to the previously released PC and PS3 game Mugen Souls, sees players take control of Chou-Chou and her newly recruited friends as they try to stop an ancient threat from destorying the world; all of which is played out in JPRG fashion with colourful animation and quirky characters, or so the synopsis suggests. Read more of this post