Game Review: Monster Monpiece (PC)

Monster Monpiece makes its transition from handheld to PC; but just what can one expect from this latest steam release? Well let’s take a look. Read more of this post

Monster Monpiece Arrives on Steam Next Month


Publisher Idea Factory International have today announced that the monster-card-game Monster Monpiece, which was originally made it’s debut onto the PS Vita, will soon be released on to Steam as an enhanced PC port. Read more of this post

Monster Monpiece To Be Released on Steam Later This Year; Will Not Include Multiplayer Support


Idea Factory International have today revealed that Monster Monpiece, the card-battling monster-girl game which was originally released onto the PS Vita, will be making it’s way to the PC later this year; and while the game will feature updated visuals and gameplay mechanics it will not come with Multiplayer support – which is a little bit disappointing.

The publisher have not explained why Multiplayer Support has been removed from the game but they have explained that this PC version of the game will feature updated 1080p visuals, an expanded rosta of cards which matches the full number of cards currently available in Japan, as well as other notable additions such as support for Steam achievements and cloud saving. Read more of this post

Idea Factory! International Reveal New Titles for Western Release


Publisher Idea Factory! International, the western department of the Idea Factory group, have announced that a selection of Japanese anime-styled games will be coming to the UK, Europe and America next year; including a whole host of Hyperdimension titles making their debut on steam. Read more of this post