MCM London Comic Con May 2018 Anime Announcement Summary

With the May 2018 MCM London Comic Con firmly behind us it is now time to sum-up what was announced during the course of the weekend, and while not much was announced – namely around six titles per distributor – we did see some surprising and noteworthy titles being confirmed. Read more of this post

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin VI: Rise of the Red Comet to Receive UK Premiere at MCM London Comic Con

Following on from the announcement of MCM Loves Anime at London Comic Con, of which require both MCM London Comic Con ticket and special event ticket, Anime Limited have now announced that the latest installment into the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA Series, known as Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin VI: Rise of the Red Comet, will receive its UK Premiere at this month’s MCM London Comic Con for all attendees. Read more of this post

MCM Comic Con Announce Closure of Events Hosted in Telford, Liverpool & Northern Ireland

In some rather surprising news MCM Comic Con have announced that future events in Telford, Liverpool & Northern Ireland have been cancelled with the attention being focused on events in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announcement Round-Up from MCM London Comic Con October 2017

As per usual MVM Entertainment opted to announce new licenses through the power of social media, in this case Twitter and Facebook, as throughout the weekend new titles were announced on a daily basis with titles including No Game No Life Zero & Umaru-Chan R being confirmed for a future UK home video release. Read more of this post

Girls Und Panzer Der Film To Be Shown on POP Asia Stage at MCM London Comic Con

MVM Entertainment may have released Girls Und Panzer Der Film onto Blu-ray earlier this month, with the DVD pushed back until late-november, but MCM London Comic Con attendees will be able to experience the film for themselves on a ‘relatively big screen’ at the POP Asia Stage. Read more of this post

Anime Announcement Round-up from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


As per usual it has been a busy few days with the October 2016 MCM London Comic Con and if you seemingly missed our videos of each distributors panel, or are distributor announcement articles, then you’ll be happy to know that everything announcement throughout the entire weekend can be found within this single article! So; let’s get to it! Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announcement Round-Up from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


MVM Entertainment continues to provide a different type of MCM London Comic Con experience for anime fans; as with Manga UK hosting a panel to announce their new licenses, and Anime Limited opting to announce titls at their booth at regular intervals, MVM Entertainment decided (once again) to announce everything at once via social media; something which worked in MVM’s favour with their announcement of the Girls und Panzer film. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Announcement Round-Up from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


Anime Limited once-again chose to unveil their new license acquisitions at their own booth via an announcement wall; but while this may be the case the UK Anime Distributor still opted to host two panels throughout the weekend, with both panels unveiling new announcements, discussing future plans and accepting questions from the crowd. Read more of this post

Animatsu and MangaUK Industry Panel Announcements from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


Animatsu and Manga Entertainment UK were once again in full swing at this past weekends MCM London Comic Con event as not only did the distributor put on a show with their own Karaoke Stage, of which seemed to be insanely busy throughout the weekend; but the UK Anime Distributors opted to announce their new titles at their own stage – as a traditional panel – as opposed to having it take place within one of the theatre’s scattered around the event. Read more of this post

NIS America To Publish The Silver Case within Europe; SUDA51 to Attend MCM London Comic Con


It’s joint-news-time; as not only have publisher NIS America announced that they will be releasing a High Definition remaster of The Silver Case onto PS4, with the remaster itself being handled by SUDA51 but both SUDA51 and The Silver Case will be in attendance at next week’s MCM London Comic Con. Read more of this post