Bofuri UK Blu-Ray Release Delayed Until June

Manga Entertainment UK, otherwise known as FUNimation, have recently announced that the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense, will be delayed until the 28th June 2021.

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Manga Entertainment UK to Officially Rebrand as FUNimation in the UK

It’s the news that many of us were expecting, but Manga Entertainment UK have officially announced that they will be rebranding into FUNimation in the UK and Ireland this Spring with the change already in effect on some home video releases.

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FUNimation Streaming App Launches Today on Nintendo Switch within UK

Anime streaming goes portable on your Nintendo Switch, as following on from it’s North American release last year FUNimation (FUNimation Global Group) have today announced that the FUNimation App is now available to download for the Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo eShop within the UK and Ireland. Read more of this post

Manga UK Issues Product Recall on High School DxD BoRN Blu-Ray & DVD Sets

After several months of delays the UK re-release of High School DxD BoRN, otherwise known as Season 3 of the franchise, had arrived but sadly that news is short lived as Manga Entertainment UK have now issued a product recall for both DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the series. Read more of this post

FUNimation to Acquire Crunchyroll for $1.175 billion

FUNimation, or more specifically FUNimation’s Global Group owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, have announced plans to acquire AT&T owned Crunchyroll for $1.175bn.  Read more of this post

AKIRA 4K Collector’s Edition and Wicked City Blu-Rays Launch This Week with Interesting Absences

This week we celebrate the release of the UK’s first anime 4K Blu-Ray release (not including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) and a classic OVA film remastered on Blu-Ray, both of which are released by Manga Entertainment UK, however according to a report on Anime UK News these Blu-Ray releases of AKIRA 4K Collector’s Edition and Wicked City (with Demon City Shinjuku) are affected by some interesting issues. Read more of this post

Fairy Tail, Fire Force and Golden Kamuy Release Dates Changed

Manga Entertainment UK have today revealed that a selection of upcoming releases have been pushed back as a result of on-going production delays, with the biggest delay affecting the UK release of Golden Kamuy. Read more of this post

Bungo Stray Dogs, Fairy Gone and NEW GAME! Releases Delayed

Manga Entertainment UK have once again announced that a selection of release date changes have been made for some upcoming releases, and this time it relates to Bungo Stray Dogs, Fairy Gone and NEW GAME!. Read more of this post

My Hero Academia goes “PLUS ULTRA” with New Blu-Ray & DVD Releases in the UK later this Year

Manga Entertainment UK have today announce some ‘PLUS ULTRA’ news for My Hero Academia fans as the UK based anime distributor have revealed release dates for the feature-length-film Heroes Rising, which received a limited cinematic showing earlier this year, as well as the first half of Season 4. Read more of this post

Manga UK Announces Fairy Tail Zero, Fairy Tail: Final Season for UK Release and Confirmation on Fairy Tail Collection Sets

The UK home video release of Fairy Tail has so far, to be blunt, been terrible. It started with Manga Entertainment UK first releasing several volumes on DVD, before upgrading to Blu-Ray in both Part and Collection sets, and then going back to poorly encoded PAL DVD only releases before losing the distribution license to Anime Limited, who then continued to release the series in DVD only format in partnership with FUNimation.

Now, several years after its debut, Manga Entertainment UK are back and have confirmed that they will not only release the entire series on Blu-Ray in Collection sets but will also release Fairy Tail Zero, which is the origin story of Fairy Tail’s first guild master, and Fairy Tail: Final Season, which is the final season of the anime series, on both Blu-Ray and DVD. Read more of this post