Interview: A Conversation with Makoto Shinkai; the Director of Your Name


To celebrate the UK theatrical release of Makoto Shinkai’s feature-length-film Your Name, which is now available in cinemas throughout the UK, Anime Limited sat down with the director to ask him several questions about the film and today you will be able to see that conversation in full. Read more of this post

Your Name UK Cinema Locations Confirmed


With the cinematic release of Makoto Shinkai’s Your Name drawning ever closer Anime Limited have opted to release definitive information on where the film is being show, it’s screening time and it’s audio format options and just like with Manga Entertainment’s prewviously announced Ghost in the Shell screening their will be lots of locations to watch the film. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Teases Makoto Shinkai Twin-Pack Collectors Packaging and Release Plans


After what seems like an enternity, which actually turns out to be around three years, Anime Limited have finaly begun teasing new details surrounding their Blu-ray release of the Makoto Shinkai Twin-Pack that features both Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised in the Early Days films within a single set. Read more of this post

Makoto Shinkai’s “Your Name” To Be Screened at BFI London Film Festival


A few weeks ago theatrical listings for Makoto Shinkai’s new animated feature Your Name began surfacing on various cinema websites including both Showcase Cinemas and Vue Cinemas; well today the UK anime distributor Anime Limited have confirmed that they will be releasing the film into UK cinemas later this year starting with special screenings at BFI London Film Festival. Read more of this post

Makoto Shinkai’s New Film “Your Name” To Receive a UK Theatrical Release from November


Although no official announcement has been made it’s seems that Makoto Shinkai’s animated romance film “Your Name” will receive a UK theatrical release from the 18th November 2016 with both Showcase Cinemas and Vue Cinemas expected to show the film throughout the UK. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Makes ‘Massive’ Release Date Alterations to it’s March 2015 Line-Up


Things never seem to run smoothly for Anime Limited, especially when it comes to their release schedules, however things have never been as bad as this. If you read the recent Anime Limited newswire then you may already be aware of what i’m going to say; but the sad news is that every single one of Anime Limited’s March releases has been altered in some shape or form.

For starters Kill La Kill – Part 2, which was scheduled for a 16th March 2015 release date has now been pushed back until the 23rd March 2015 due to the final artwork not being approved; however even more bad news arrives when this ‘new date’ is also a template and could change at any time. Read more of this post