Screen Anime UK July 2020 Titles Include Ride Your Wave and Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution Anemone

Anime Limited have today announced the new selection of films, and TV Series, that will be replacing the current selection of titles on the Screen Anime streaming service later this month and it includes notable films such as Ride Your Wave and Lu Over The Wall as well as the UK premiere of Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution: Anemone. Read more of this post

Viceland UK To Broadcast A Letter to Momo, Patema Inverted & Mai Mai Miracle This Week

New TV listings on the Sky Planner have revealed that VICELAND UK (Sky Channel 153) will be showing A Letter to Momo, Patema Inverted and Mai Mai Miracle alongside regular scheduled anime showings of Tokyo Ghoul, Samurai Champloo and Eureka Seven. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Teases Mai Mai Miracle Collector’s Edition Packaging


It’s been nearly three years since Anime Limited began their kickstarter campaign for Mai Mai Miracle and two years on from it’s estimated completion date the distributor are finally teasing finalised images of the actual product. That’s right; the wait has nearly come to an end as the final, retail, version of Mai Mai Miracle has been shown. Read more of this post

Mai Mai Miracle English Dub Cast Revealed


It’s been several months since Anime Limited revealed any information regarding their Kickstarter Project for Mai Mai Miracle but over the past few days the distributor has published an update which reveals the list of voice actors providing their voices for the English Dub version of the film.

Fear not however; this kickstarter supported project will also be available in Japanese with English Subtitles so if the English Dub isn’t to your liking you can always default back to the original Japanese audio track. You can find the full cast list below: Read more of this post

Mai Mai Miracle Pushed Back Until Next Year due to English Script Issues


Those of you who were hoping to receive Anime Limited’s Blu-ray and/or DVD release of Mai Mai Miracle later this year will be disappointed to hear that it will not be available until next year due to issues with the English Dub’s script.

Speaking on Kickstarter, as part of a backer only update, Anime Limited revealed that the Japanese team wanted the English script to be ‘more localised’ and as such the script needs to be re-written: Read more of this post

Anime Limited to Offer Soundtrack as Possible Mai Mai Miracle Stretch Goal


Anime Limited, also known as All The Anime, have recently announced that if their next ‘imaginary’ stretch goal of $105,000 is achieved by the end of the Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter (which currently ends in 5 days) then the movies soundtrack may possibly be included with all $45 (or higher) backer tiers.

We are still knee deep in complex and slow moving negotiations with the rights holders and we know that with enough funding, we’ll be able to offer the soundtrack as an addition to all the tiers from $45 upwards. For backers on the lower tiers, we can offer the soundtrack at a discounted rate.

So what amount will we need to be able to get the OST for everyone? You may recall in previous posts that we mentioned hitting a $95,000 target. That figure was based on initial guesstimations in the early stages of approaching negotiations. The way things are looking in the negotiations (and the fees we’re looking at stumping upfront) we would now estimate a target of $105,000.

Basically if the Mai Mai Miracle kickstarter, which currently stands at over $88,000, achieves over $105,000 by the end of the campaign then all $45 tiers (and higher) may receive a copy of the soundtrack. For those who purchased lower tiers (such as the basic amaray version) then they can pledge additional funds to secure a copy of the soundtrack. Read more of this post

Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter Opens Up Basic Amaray Edition Tier


The Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter campaign continues to be a growing sucess as not only have both Stretch Goals been achieved, with a third stretch goal currently in the works, but Anime Limited have also opened up a brand new reward tier.

This reward tier, entitled the “Early Bird: Basic Amaray Combi-Edition” allows backers to receive a basic copy of the film along with all of the previous digital extras, such as a digital artbook, digital pamphlet, digital wallpaper and credit  for helping. This Tier is currently priced at $30 (which includes postage within UK, US, Canada and Ireland) and is limited to 2000 units, but more importantly will only be available until the Saturday 22nd February 2014.  Read more of this post

Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter Reaches First Stretch Goal, Second Stretch Goal Added


It’s seems that All The Anime’s debut Kickstarter Campaign is a “huge” success, as not only did the Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter reach its $30,000 target within 24 hours but their English Dub stretch Goal of $60,000 has also now been reached. This means that everyone who backed the project for a copy of the film will receive it in both English and Japanese format, which is of course great news for anime fans.

To continue the trend of offering ‘additional bonuses’ a second stretch goal has been added, this time allowing the backers/supporters to choose what they want to be included next. The first option is an Audio Commentary from Jonathan Clements, the author of Anime: A History, and someone who has made many appearances on the Manga UK Podcast. The second option is for a Replica of the theatrical pamphlet that was handed out in cinemas during it’s initial cinematic run. This pamphlet will be reproduced and translated into English.

Both options offer a unique addition to the overall project and while the Audio Commentary would be nice I am more inclined to go with the physical pamphlet. Either way you can make your choice over on the backer-only section of the Kickstarter page, but only one of these options will also be used and that will only happen if the campaign reaches it’s new stretch goal of $75,000, which is currently $14,000 away.

As it stands everyone who has backed the project will receive their rewards, and any additional funding now will be used to unlock additional items and bonuses for the release.

Mai Mai Miracle Reaches Target Within 24 Hours, English Audio Track Added as Stretch Goal


All The Anime’s debut Kickstarter Campaign for Mai Mai Miracle, a feature length film directed by Sunao Katabuchi, has managed to achieve its $30,000 target within 24 hours.

The $30,000 target set by All The Anime was to allow for the production and distribution of a Blu-ray and DVD version of the film, this includes packaging, translation and replication – everything major publishers (such as FUNimation) have to do before their product can be released. Of course now that the $30,000 target has been reached it means that anyone who pledges money to the project (or has already pledged) will receive their reward, rewards which range from a copy of the film on Blu-ray to exclusive artworks that are not available to the public. Read more of this post

Anime Limited To Launch Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter


Earlier in the year UK Anime Distributor teased that they would be creating a Kickstarter Project and after several weeks (and many guess) they have finally decided to unveil their Kickstarter Project.

The Anime in question is Mai Mai Miracle, a feature-length film that was initially released into Japanese cinemas four years ago but has never been seen (legally) outside of Japan. The film itself is set in the early 1950’s and depicts two young girls who create their own imaginary world and set out for adventure.

Either way Anime Limited (also known as All The Anime) hope to raise $30,000 in order to release a Blu-ray version of the film within both America and the UK, which is interesting considering Anime Limited is a UK based distributor. Either way here is an exact list of what Anime Limited would like to achieve if they hit their target:

  • Release Mai Mai Miracle in both the UK and the US on blu-ray
  • Create and add English subtitles for the film
  • Produce quality packaging to house the blu-ray disc and make it Collector’s Edition worthy
  • Share some of the truly beautiful artwork, illustrations and behind-the-scenes goodness that comes with the making of such an animated film

As it stands the Kickstarter Project has not gone live, but full details of what to expect from the Project (and more information about the anime) can be found on Anime Limited’s official website.