Universal Pictures UK To Distribute My Hero Academia Within the UK

In a rather interesting discovery, courtesy of listings on the BBFC website, it seems that Universal Pictures UK will be distributing My Hero Academia within the UK on Blu-ray. Read more of this post

Ghost in the Shell UK Cinema Locations Confirmed


Following on from the recent success of AKIRA in cinemas across the UK the anime distributor Manga Entertainment UK have now confirmed that Mamoru Oshii’s cyberpunk thriller Ghost in the Shell will receive the same treatment on the 25th January 2017; with tickets now available to pre-book on the official website. Read more of this post

FUNimation Titles Spotted on Amazon UK for Pre-Order


It seems FUNimation may be hoping to re-claim part of the home video market as eagle eyed listing spotters have noticed that Amazon UK have listed a selection of FUNimation licensed shows on Amazon UK for pre-order; with some being treated to a tenative release date. Read more of this post

Pokemon XYZ to Debut on CITV with a Special Marathon Weekend


After weeks of waiting CITV have finally confirmed that the nineteenth series of Pokemon, otherwise known as Pokemon XYZ, will receive it’s UK Broadcast debut on Saturday 9th April 2016; and to celebrate its arrival the free-to-view broadcasting channel will be having a special marathon event with two feature-length-films and three special OVA episodes being broadcast across the entire weekend.

It all starts at 9:25am on Saturday 9th April 2016; as CITV will broadcast the latest English Dubbed Pokemon film, known as Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, followed by two Pokemon: Mega-Evolution Special Episodes at 11am and 11:30am before finally reaching the UK debut of Pokemon XYZ at 12pm. Read more of this post

Amazon UK List’s Anime Limited’s Q1 Release Schedule; Reveals Some Surprising New Licenses


It seems like online retailer Amazon UK may have ‘jumped-the-gun’ on posting Anime Limited’s Q1 (January to March) 2016 pre-order listings onto their store as it reveals a seleciton of titles that have yet to be officially confirmed by the UK Distributor. Read more of this post

Patema Inverted To Be Shown in Selected Cinemas from 16th May


File this under slightly old news (it’s been a relatively busy week) but Anime Limited have finally nailed down the locations and times for Yasuhiro Yoshiura’s sci-fi based anime film Patema Inverted.

Patema Inverted is a feature length anime film that see’s Patema saved by a teen boy named Age and soon discovers that on this strange surface world, the floor has become her ceiling. Not only that but Age’s country is a harsh, propaganda­ridden tyranny where people are forbidden to look upwards. With all underground dwellers seen as unholy sinners, Patema soon finds herself pursued by the secret police. Together with her new friend, she must uncover the dark conspiracy that lurks behind their two inverted worlds ­and live to tell the tale.

We’ve yet to see the film personally, but it has been well received within the anime community, and now everyone will be able to witness the film for themselves as Anime Limited have confirmed a list of locations, cinemas and screening dates for the film – with more titles being added to the official Patema Inverted website. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Confirms 009 RE:CYBORG Cinema Listings & Streaming Dates


Anime Limited has today reminded us that Kenja Kamiyama’s feature-length-film 009 RE:CYBORG will be available in selected cinemas across the UK from Friday 7th June 2013.

The film, which is presented in full stereoscopic 3D and animated by Production I.G, tells the story of nine regular humans who were abducted and transformed into cyborgs and have since disappeared from the face of the earth. 27 years later, the world is hit by suicide bombers with no apparent connection and the nine cyborgs are re-activated to fight against this faceless menace.

The film will be shown in 3D in the following cinemas across the UK:

Alternatively the film will be available in 2D to stream from Anime Limited’s website (via Distrify) whereby each viewing will cost £2.99. Finally From the 7th July 2013, the 2D version of the film will also be made available for viewing on FilmFlex Movies and iTunes.