Seven Seas Licenses New Light Novel & Manga Titles; Including Reincarnated as a Sword: Another Wish

It’s been a busy month for Seven Seas Entertainment as the North American based book publisher announced a slew of new titles during May 2021, with new Manga titles such as The Dragon Knight’s Beloved and Reborn as a Barrier Master as well as Novels such as Planet of the Orcs which are being released under the Ghost Ship Imprint range.

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Anime Limited License Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn for UK Blu-Ray Release

Anime Limited, otherwise known to many as All The Anime, have recently taken to social media to reveal that they have secured the UK home video distribution license to the OVA Film Series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, a stand-a-lone seven-part film series that takes place in the Universal Century and after the events of the main Mobile Suit Gundam franchise (such as Gundam Z Gundam and ZZ Gundam). Read more of this post

Anime Limited Licenses Weathering With You for UK Release with Wider Cinematic Showings Planned in 2020

Following on from the news that Weather with You would be shown as part of the Scotland Loves Anime line-up, the schedule of which can be found here, UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited confirmed that they have licensed the film for UK release with a wider-cinematic release taking place during 2020 in both subtitled and dubbed formats. Read more of this post

Anime Limited MCM London Comic Con Announcements [Sunday 27th May 2018]

Following on from Friday’s announcements (of which you can see here) Anime Limited once again took to the stage to announce even more titles; some of which came as an odd/nice surprise (Cowboy Bebop & Perfect Blue releases) while others were educated guesses from either BFI Anime Weekender screenings or the Anime Limited magazine that was on the booth. Read more of this post

Seven Seas Entertainment Announce New License Acquisitions; inclduing Boogiepop Phantom

Seven Seas Entertainment continues the ‘week of announcements‘ by annoucing a selection of new titles; including Beauty and The Beast Girl and I Want To Eat Your Pancreas as well as reprints of older releases such as Boogiepop Phantom. Read more of this post

Seven Seas Entertainment License Three New Titles; including The Ideal Sponger

Seven Seas Entertainment continues the ‘week of announcements‘ as following on from the reveal of NOW LOADING…! manga the book publisher have now announced that they will also be releasing OOPS! I Messed Up and Made The Wrong Person A Magical Girl, Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart and The Ideal Sponger Life within America. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announcement Round-Up from MCM London Comic Con October 2017

As per usual MVM Entertainment opted to announce new licenses through the power of social media, in this case Twitter and Facebook, as throughout the weekend new titles were announced on a daily basis with titles including No Game No Life Zero & Umaru-Chan R being confirmed for a future UK home video release. Read more of this post

MVM UK License No Game No Life Zero for UK Release

MVM Entertainment UK have announced, through UK Anime Network, that they wll release the feature-length No Game No Life film, known as No Game No Life Zero, onto Blu-Ray and DVD during 2018. Read more of this post

Seven Seas Entertainment Announces New License Acquisitions

It has been a busy week for Manga and Light Novel publishers as following on from the news that YenPress have licensed several new titles the competing publisher, Seven Seas Entertainment, have now unveiled their selection of recent license acquistions – including a few surprise additions in the form of To Love Ru. Read more of this post

New YenPress Title Acquisitions Announced at Sakura-Con

It’s been a busy week (so sorry for this rather belated news post) but during the bank holiday weekend american manga and light novel publisher YenPress announced several new title acqusitions at the american based Sakura-Con. Read more of this post