Chika Chika Idol begins its “Cheer Leader Illustration” Desktop Wallpaper Campaign


Chika Chika Idol, the short CGI Idol anime by Hiroshi Nishikiori thats currently on Kickstarter, continues to try and draw attention to itself and today Awesome Japan have opted to launch a brand new ‘Cheer Leader’ themed campaign to help promote the Kickstarter project.

Dubbed the “Cheer Leader Illustration” this promotional campaign will see popular manga and anime illustrators create specialised desktop wallpapers for the public to download; each of which will be available for a limited time. Read more of this post

Riding Bean Blu-ray Kickstarter Achieves Target Within a Day


During the course of the weekend AnimEigo, the company which previously released Bubblegum Crisis onto Blu-ray a few years back, launched a Kickstarter campaign for Sonoda Ken’ichi”s fast-paced action OVA film Riding Bean and within 24 hours the campaign was successfully funded.

The concept of the Kickstarter campaign, much like the previously released Bubblegum Crisis Kickstarter, was to secure funds to release a Blu-ray Edition of Riding Bean with the film itself in crisp 1080p quality, English and Japanese with English subtitles and a selection of bonus on-disc content. AnimEigo were hoping to secure $30,000 within the 30 day period of the campaign but at the time of writing the company has secured over $78k and shows no sign of stopping; all of which can be seen on the Kickstarter campaign page. Read more of this post

Chika*Chika Idol Anime Kickstarter Project Now Live

Awesome Japan have today launched the launch of Hiroshi Nishikiori’s new kickstarter project, Chika*Chika Idol; with funding currently under-way on the Kickstarter website.

The goal of the project is to raise $130,000 so that a 15-minute-long CGI anime episode about a new group of idol’s can be produced. The episode itself will be directed by Hiroshi Nishikiori; a director who previously worked on both A Certain Magical Index and Azumanga Daioh anime TV series. Read more of this post

Libra of the Vampire Princess Achieves Kickstarter Success; PS Vita Added as Stretch Goal

Libra of the Vampire Princess

It’s not often we report on Kickstarter themed video-game projects but Mikandi Japan’s Kickstarter campaign for the visual novel Libra of the Vampire Pricess has had my interest peaked since it first launched late last year; and now after a relatively steady campaign their inital goal of $125,000 has been reached. Read more of this post

Awesome Japan Announces Chuya-Den Kickstarter Campaign


Awesome Japan, in collaberation with Japanese animation studio WAO WORLD! have recently announced that their newest Kickstarter campaign CHUYA-DEN – To Regain The Missing Sun is now active and ready for your support.

CHUYA-DEN – The Night and Day Chronicles is a new feature-length-film animation that will see a group of children/teenagers do battle with the ghostly force known as Yokai in attempt to restore their world and protect it from danger. The Kickstarter campaign, which has a target of $100,000, is an attempt at bringing Yoshiyuki Kaneko‘s dream into animated reality with full Japanese voice cast.
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Muv-Luv English Localisation Kickstarter Appears Online


As many of us will know MVM Entertainment are currently in the process of releasing Muv-Luv Alternate: Total Eclipse onto DVD and Blu-ray within the UK; however what many ‘may’ not known is that the anime is based upon the japanese visual novel Muv-Luv.

Well publisher Degica have started a Kickstarter campaign which will see the entire Muv-Luv collection, which consists of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternate, being translated into English and released onto Steam; with Stretch Goals available for the PS Vita and Android versions of the game. But what exactly is Muv-Luv and this Kickstarter about? Well Degica explains: Read more of this post

Kenji Itoso’s “Coluboccoro” Reaches Kickstarter Goal


Earlier in the month we mentioned that Kenji Itoso had launched a new kickstarter campaign for his unique anime episode Coluboccoro; well over the past few days that Kickstarter managed to secure its inital $38,000 target and as a result the animation project will be produced.

Its not just the animation the project  that will be produced either; as part of the inital target was that an English Dub would also be produced for the episode;  and to celebrate this fact a short three minute preview, which both shows the anaimation and voice acting, has been released.

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Unboxing: Patema Inverted – Ultimate Edition [UK]

patema_inverted_ultimate_edition_frontThe Ultimate Edition of Patema Inverted all began as a Kickstarter attempt by Anime Limited, and while the overall campaign was a success the end result of the Ultimate Edition was even better; and today we are going to take a look at that end result. Read more of this post

Kenji Itoso Launches His Next Anime-Themed Kickstarter; Introducing Coluboccoro


Following on from the success of his previous two kickstarter campaigns Kenji Itoso, a producer known for his work on Yu-Gi-Oh! and Santa’s Company, has today launched his latest Kickstarter campaign; introducing Coluboccoro.

The story of Coluboccoro will follow a young girl named Suzu as she stumbles upon the forest spirit Coluboccoro; Together they take to the skies visiting an unseen land where a grand adventure and mystery unfolds.

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Ultimate Edition of Patema Inverted Delayed By One Week for Kickstarter Backers


It seems Anime Limited’s Patema Inverted Kickstarter project is becoming just as ‘botched’ as the rest of their anime releases; as now the Ultimate Edition has received a week delay.

As explained in a recent Kickstarter Update the production company (printers) for this release forgot to include the O-Card with the Ulitmate Edition of Patema Inverted and, as a result, the release has been delayed so that the O-Card can be included and shipped to all backers.

– Printers helpfully forgot about an O-Card for the UK, so we’re just waiting on those to be delivered. This means alas the Ultimate will ship one week later for backers now (week of December 1st) and the retail date on Amazon for it will be December 14th. This is why we don’t have any pictures to share yet for the Ultimate either (and we’re chomping our own hands off over it).

– Standard edition is now in the warehouse so will go out to backers of that tier next week as planned still, retail date being December 1st

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