Clarifications Given for Delay of Death Note and Digimon Tri


Earlier in the week Manga Entertainment UK confirmed through social media that both Death Note and Digimon Tri would have to be delayed due to unexpected issues discovered; with the former pushed back until the 19th December 2016 and the latter moved into March next year.

Specific details as to why these two releases were not given however over the past few days the Chief Operating Officer of Animatsu Entertainment, and head-honcho at Manga Entertainment UK, Jerome Mazandarani spoke out on twitter to reveal the all important details. Read more of this post

Animatsu Officially Launches within the UK; Annouces New Titles and Marketing Agreement with Manga Entertainment UK


Back in November 2014 Jerome Mazandarani revealed that he, along with friend and long-time work colleague Andrew Hewson, would be leaving Manga Entertainment UK to set-up their own company. However since then very little has been mentioned; that is until today as Animatsu, the new entertainment focused company, have officially launched within the UK and they have come with a bit of a bang.

To start with Animatsu, or Animatsu Entertainment Ltd as its officially known as, is a company that will specalise in acquire licensing agreements for anime, and other cult titles, for the UK and European countries; but that’s not all as Animatsu will also assist Japanese and International anime filmmakers to develop and produce new films and TV series for the international market. In retrospect Animatsu is going to be a busy company that will focus on anime and other cult franchises as COO of Animatsu, Jerome Mazandarani, explains: Read more of this post

Jerome Mazandarani Leaves Manga Entertainment UK To Set Up His Own Company; Introducing Animatsu


It a surprising turn of events Jerome Mazandarani has announced that he, along with his friend and co-worker Andrew Hewson, have left Manga Entertainment UK and will now be starting a new venture together.

Announced through his private instagram account earlier today Jerome Mazandarani, who previously worked at Manga Entertainment UK as the director of marketing and acquisitions, explained that he left Manga UK five weeks ago so that he could start up his own company:

“Five weeks ago i left Manga Entertainment after ten amazing years to set up my own company. I am joined in this exciting new chapter by my long time collaborate and friend Andrew Hewson.

We are called Animatsu and i will tell you more about what we are up to soon.”

Interestingly while Jerome has not shared any details of Animatsu on his Private Instagram account, his public LinkedIn profile, which is a website designed for companies to find potential employees, explains his position at Animatsu and what the company will offer to the UK and European market: Read more of this post

Manga Entertainment UK Issues Statement Surrouding Blue Exorcist Blu-ray Release Strategy


Jerome Mazandarani, Head of marketing & acquisitions from Manga Entertainment UK, has today took to Facebook to answer questions surrounding the upcoming ‘Definitive Edition’ release of Blue Exorcist.

For those unaware, Manga Entertainment UK plans to re-release Blue Exorcist as a Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack  over two half-season sets, however while the Blu-ray will receive the newly produced English Audio the DVD will remain the same as the ones released last year (Japanese with English Subtitles).

Because of this a lot of fans have spoken out and now a statement has been released to explain ‘why’ the company has chosen this option: Read more of this post