Nintendo Anime Channel Announced for Nintendo 3DS within Europe


Nintendo have today surprised everyone by announcing the Nintendo Anime Channel; a new app which will allow anime fans to stream a variety of anime shows directly to their Nintendo 3DS console for free.

Don’t get too excited though; as the app, which will be completely free to download and use on all Nintendo 3DS (and 2DS) devices, won’t be available until the 13th February 2015 – Additionally the only anime shows that are currently scheduled for broadcast on the app are Pokemon, Kirby and Inzuma Eleven. Read more of this post

Inazuma Eleven Comes To Kix TV Next Month


It seems UK based free-to-air satellite TV channel “Kix” are contempt on supplying edited anime to the UK Market, as their latest show is non-other than Inazuma Eleven, the anime series based upon the popular Nintendo 2DS and Nintendo 3DS games.

The TV series, which was produced by LEVEL-5, developers of the DS Games, in conjunction with TV Tokyo and OLM sees Mark Evans as captain of the Raimon Middle School’s football (soccer) club as he attempts to build a team in order to become the best team in the city.

In total 127 episodes, spanning two seasons, are available for Inazuma Eleven, but it’s unclear how many Kix TV currently have, however what we do know is that Kix TV will begin broadcasting the series on Tuesday 1st July 2014 at 8am, with new episodes shown everyday at the same time, with the same episode repeated again at 7pm.

These same episodes will be shown again on Saturday 5th July and Sunday 6th July at 9:30am, which is straight after Dragon Ball Z Kai, with additional episodes shown at 7pm, thus acting as a re-cap before new episodes are shown.

Of course it’s not in High Definition or uncut, but its still nice to see anime, especially a rather niche series such as this, making its way to UK TV Screens. In oorder to view Kix TV, viewers will need a Sky, Freesat or compatible Satelite Box.