Idea Factory Titles, including Death End Re;Quest 2 and Neptunia Virtual Stars, Added to GOG

Those wishing to play Idea Factory related titles on a Windows PC without using Steam can now do so, as the publisher have recently added a selection of titles to

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Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms To Be Released on Steam Early 2018

Following on from the PS Vita release date confirmation Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms, publisher Idea Factory International have now announced that the game will be released for the PC, via Steam, during Spring 2018. A release date has has not been mentioned but it could arrive closer to the release of the PS Vita version than initally expected. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Hakuoki – OVA Collection


With the main Hakuoki storyline already come and gone what can we expect from this DVD release of the OVA Collection? Find out in our DVD Review of Hakuoki – The OVA Collection.


Beauty, grace, intelligence, wit – a geisha should posses all of these and more. The coming war grows more imminent with each passing moment and Kyoto is filled with turbulence as the various factions vie for power. When rumors reach the Shinsengumi that a group of rogue warriors intend to attack their headquarters, they must investigate the situation or risk perishing before they’ve even begun to fight.

The only safe meeting place seems to be the Sumi Inn inside the red light district of Shimabara. It is up to Chizuru to disguise herself as a geisha and infiltrate the inn. But life as a geisha can be filled with hazards of many kinds, especially for one as beautiful as Chizuru. Read more of this post

Release Date Alterations Confirmed for Upcoming MVM Titles


Those eagerly awaiting to get there hands on MVM Entertainment’s upcoming string of Anime Blu-rays may be disappointed, as according to Amazon UK and Anime-On-Line listings the release date for Girls Und Panzer and Fate/Zero – Part 1 have been delayed.

The Blu-ray version of Girls Und Panzer will now be released on the 28th April 2014 as opposed to it’s original 14th April 2014 release date, meanwhile the Blu-ray editions of Fate/Zero – Part 1 will be released on the 12th May 2014 as opposed to it’s original 28th April 2014 release date. The DVD versions of both titles will still be released on their original date. We knew there was a possibility of these titles being released ‘after’ the DVD versions as MVM mentioned it on twitter several weeks ago. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Hakuoki – Dawn of the Shinsengumi – The Complete Series


It’s not often that a prequel series is released for an anime franchise, but that’s exactly the case with Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – Dawn of the Shinsengumi, so what can we expect from this DVD release by MVM Entertainment? Well let’s take a look.


The year is 1863 and as Japan’s long-festering wounds of political discord erupt into violent waves of street clashes and murder, the Tokugawa Shogunate sends a new force of masterless samurai called the Roshigumi to the aid of the Aizu forces in Kyoto. However, the new “police” are anything but a cohesive force and assassination has already split them into two opposing factions.

The stronger is led by the brutal Serizawa Kamo, and the lesser by the more honorable but less assertive Kondo Isami. It is into this pack of wolves that Ryunosuke Ibuki is dragged by the rabid Serizawa. Forced to be a virtual slave by blood debt, he hates the samurai and everything they stand for. But as he sees how the other half of the samurai live, he begins to believe that there may still be a chance, for both himself and Japan, if only Kondo will step up and take down the mad dog Serizawa! Read more of this post

DVD Review: Hakuoki – Record of the Jade Blood – The Complete Series


The story of the mysterious Shinsengumi Clan continues in Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – Record of the Jade Blood, but what exactly do we think of the series and this DVD Release? Find out in our DVD Review of Hakuoki – Record of the Jade Blood – The Complete Series.


After tasting the humiliation of being forced to flee to Edo, the members of the Shinsengumi have become disillusioned. Not only are they disappointed by the Shogun’s behavior, but they are also facing personal problems. Kondou is still recovering from his gun wound. Okita is still bedridden due to both his illness and his bullet wounds. Heisuke must watch over Sanna, who seems to be slowly slipping into madness. And meanwhile, Hijikata is desperately fighting to keep the Shinsengumi together.

Still, no matter how dangerous the battle becomes, there is no stepping down, and the veins of the Shinsengumi are filled with the jade blood of the truly loyal. As the flames of war march up and down the length and breadth of the land, they must prepare to return to the battlefield once more or risk losing more than just their lives. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom – The Complete Series


How well do Samurai clans, a girl and demonic characters get along with each other? Well to put it bluntly they don’t, so what exactly did we think of the series and MVM Entertainment’s UK DVD release of Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom? Find out in our DVD Review of Season 1.


Disguised as a man, Chizuru Yukimura has come to Kyoto searching for her missing father, a doctor who developed a magical elixir that increases the drinker’s speed, strength, and healing abilities. Instead of her father, however, she stumbles across a battle between the Shinsengumi and the Furies, evil vampire-like creatures of their own making.

It turns out the Shinsengumi are also searching for her father, and when they discover who she is, they decide to take her into their custody for safekeeping. But her sex is not the only secret Chizuru has, and as more and more Furies begin appearing in Kyoto and the situation becomes ever deadlier, the Shinsengumi may find that the Furies are the least of their problems! Read more of this post