FUNimation Titles Distributed by Anime Limited Removed from Retailers or Listed as “Out of Stock”

In some rather interesting, and extremely surprising news, it appears that FUNimation titles distributed by Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, have been either listed as sold out or removed from online retailers; that is according to a report on Anime UK News and as pointed out by community members on the website. Read more of this post

Gonna Be the Twin Tail! Ain’t Going Anywhere… Just Yet! It’s Now Coming Out in October!


Just when we thought FUNimation’s UK Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack release of Gonna Be the Twin-Tail! was making some steady progress after being approved by the BBFC and receiving a confirmed release date it now seems that fans of the show will have to wait that little bit longer… as once again the title has been delayed. Read more of this post

Anime Limited & FUNimation Clarify Release Plans for Upcoming Titles


Another week, another newswire and once again Anime Limited continues to provide disappointing news in the form of updated release date amendments to both their own titles and FUNimation licensed shows; but of course kudos must be given to the distributor for trying something ‘special’ with each of their releases. Read more of this post

FUNimation UK Home Video Releases Continue To Receive Delays


FUNimation’s UK Home Video presence continues to prove disappointing to those waiting as the latest newswire on Anime Limited’s blog has revealed that further delays have occured to a wide-variety of upcoming FUNimation titles; namely No-Rin, Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! and Fairy Tail. Read more of this post

Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! – The Complete Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) – REGION FREE

Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! – The Complete Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack)

BD Region: A and B (Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region B Compatible

DVD Region: 1, 2 and 4 (Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region 2 Compatible

Price: Standard – $58.48 / £43.86 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12  (2 BD & 2 DVD Set)

Plot:  Soji Mitsuka is an ordinary high schooler with an extraordinary obsession. Twin tails are his fire, his air, his will to live! But when a mysterious woman from another world enlists his help to fight hideous monsters with various moe fetishes, Soji much transform into a powerful pigtailed…girl?

With the help of his childhood friend, the class president, and his endless devotion to pigtails, Soji and his crew form a twin-tailed threesome to take on the monsters who feed on the “attribute power” of humans. But Soji’s new pigtailed powers come with a price; his surging popularity as the new heroin in town makes the twin-tailed trend explode, giving the monsters ample attribute powers to feed upon!


FUNimation Entertainment will be releasing Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! – The Complete Series as a Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack in the UK later this year and will feature the exact same disc content.

Multiple FUNimation Home Video Releases Delayed; Including Fairy Tail


FUNimation’s presence in the UK Anime market continues to be a dawdling one as following on from last week’s news that Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! would be delayed until an unspecified date FUNimation have now revealed, via their UK Distribution partners Anime Limited, that both Fairy Tail and No-Rin will also receive a delay.

Although Anime Limited have not provided any ‘tentative’ release date in their latest newswire blog post a number of online retailers, specifically Amazon UK, have begun to list potential release dates for these titles. Specifically Gonna Be The Twin Tail!! is listed as 22nd August 2016 (although this is most likely incorrect), Fairy Tail – Part 10 is listed as 7th November 2016 (which sounds about right) while No-Rin is listed for the 22nd August 2016 which also seems abit optimistic. Read more of this post

Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!! Release Delayed Until Further Notice


FUNimation’s return to the UK Anime scene initally began with Yona of the Dawn – Part 1 but despite having a successful release it’s second Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack, Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!!, has been delayed until an unspecified release date.

Speaking out on the Anime Limited blog Jeremy reveals that the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack release of Gonna Be The Twin-Tail!!, which was initally due late July/early august, has now been pushed back. At the moment a new release date has not been mentioned but the reason for the delay is due to the BBFC classification taking longer than expected. Read more of this post

FUNimation Upcoming Home Video Release Schedule Plans Revealed


It’s been quite a while since pre-order listings for numerous FUNimation titles appeared on Amazon UK and through numerous rumours, reports and conversations it’s been confirmed that Anime Limited will be handling distribution with FUNimation handling everything else. Well as of late the pre-order listings, all of which are still online, are coming close to their release dates and today Anime Limited have spoken up about what the fire lies ahead for their partnership with FUNimation. Read more of this post