Cowboy Bebop – Box 2 Receives Slight Delay Due to Technical Glitch


Anime Limited has today took to Facebook to confirm that the upcoming Blu-ray release of Cowboy Bebop – Box 2, along with the Complete Series DVD Set), has received a slight delay due to a technical glitch that has been spotted.

According to Anime Limited the delay is so that a “another video capture glitch” could be fixed, what exactly this means i’m not entirely sure, but because of this the release has been given a new ‘temporary’ release date on online retailers with a new ‘confirmed’ release date expected to be announced later in the month.

A few folks have messaged us as the date for Cowboy Bebop BD Part 2 and DVD Complete Collection had changed on Amazon – this is a temporary date set because we had to shift the release date a few weeks due to finding another video capture glitch we wanted to fix.

We’ll actually have the final masters no later than next week so expect a release actually in October – so a couple of weeks delay max to bring you the best quality product. Not December!

It seems Anime Limited truly cares about their products, and who can blame them especially after the recent issues with Kaze produced releases. Either way Anime Limited hopes to have Cowboy Bebop – Box 2 (Blu-ray) as well as the Complete Series Set (DVD) out during October 2013, with more updates expected to follow in the coming weeks.