Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Dino Girl Gauko and Girls Und Panzer: Der Film Available on Netflix UK

Netflix UK once again drops some surprises on the UK anime fandom by adding (or in this case re-adding) a selection of anime titles to its ever-expanding-streaming catalogue. In this case fans will find Dragon Ball Super: Broly the Movie, Girls Und Panzer: Der Film and Dino Girl Gauko on the streaming platform. Read more of this post

Girls Und Panzer: Der Film and Power Rangers: Beast Morphers Now Available on Netflix UK

Those looking to continue the adventures of Tankery Club, or start a new adventure with the latest season of Power Rangers, will be excited to learn that Girls Und Panzer: Der Film and Power Rangers: Beast Morphers are now available to Stream on Netflix within the UK. Read more of this post

Girls Und Panzer Der Film To Be Shown on POP Asia Stage at MCM London Comic Con

MVM Entertainment may have released Girls Und Panzer Der Film onto Blu-ray earlier this month, with the DVD pushed back until late-november, but MCM London Comic Con attendees will be able to experience the film for themselves on a ‘relatively big screen’ at the POP Asia Stage. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Delays Girls Und Panzer, Monster Musume, Norn9 and GATE

In some rather unexpected news MVM Entertainment have announced through social media that a selection of their upcoming releases have been delayed. Unfortunately the original post on Twitter did not mention which titles were affected; but after digging around the MVM Entertainment owned store, known as Anime-On-Line, we’ve discovered that the titles affected by this delay include DVD releases of Girls Und Panzer Der Film & Norn9 as well as the collector’s edition Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack release of Monster Musume in addition to titles scheduled for November release such as GATE, Tenchi Muyo and Girls Und Panzer: The Real Anzio Battle. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Unveils it’s Q4 2017 Release Schedule

With the final quarter of 2017 fast approaching (where did the time go?) UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment have opted to update their online web-store Anime-On-Line with their current release line-up of Q4 2017 titles; with other retailers such as Amazon, Base and Zavvi expected to follow shortly. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announces New Anime Licenses from MCM London Comic Con May 2017

Although MVM Entertainment did attend the May 2017 MCM London Comic, as they had a stand all weekend with a wide-selection of titles available for purchase, the UK distributor did not host a panel and instead opted to announce their new anime licenses through the power of social media with new titles being announced on a daily basis. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announcement Round-Up from MCM London Comic Con October 2016


MVM Entertainment continues to provide a different type of MCM London Comic Con experience for anime fans; as with Manga UK hosting a panel to announce their new licenses, and Anime Limited opting to announce titls at their booth at regular intervals, MVM Entertainment decided (once again) to announce everything at once via social media; something which worked in MVM’s favour with their announcement of the Girls und Panzer film. Read more of this post

Sentai Filmworks License Girls und Panzer Der Film for UK


Although we cover American products, in terms of physical unboxings and region checks, we hardly ever provide news on the latest licenses by american distributors; however today’s news is a bit special as the American Anime Distributor Sentai Filmworks, who as you may know occasionally sub-license shows to the UK, have announced that they have licensed the Girls Und Panzer film for both the UK and America as well as Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Anime 2016 Line-Up Announced


It’s that time to head-up to Scotland again as the week-long cinematic anime event once again returns to Glasgow and Edinburgh in the form of Scotland Loves Anime, otherwise known as Scotland Loves Animation. The dates for this event may have been announced earlier in the year but as of today the list of films, locations and ticket availability have been announced. Read more of this post