Competition: Win Gatchaman Crowds – The Complete Series on Blu-ray


To celebrate the release of Animatsu’s debut anime title, Gatchaman Crowds – The Complete Series, on Blu-ray and DVD we have teamed-up with Animatsu Entertainment to offer two lucky readers the chance of winning a copy on Blu-ray. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: Gatchaman Crowds – The Complete Collection

gatchaman_crowds_screenshot (1)

We Gatcha’ourselves Animatsu’s debut Blu-ray release to find out what lies ahead for the crowds; so is it plain sailing or do we need a hero? Find out in our Blu-ray Review of Gatchaman Crowds – The Complete Collection.


Beneath the tranquil surface of daily life in Tachikawa, a secret war is waged against alien invaders by heroes who are considered an urban legend: the Gatchaman!

With the powers of their alien G-suits, these super-powered super heroes are the unknowing citizens’ only line of defense – or so they think until the mysterious LOAD and his online network appear. But when a sinister enemy emerges, it will be up to the Gatchaman’s oddball recruit, Hajime, to help them join forces and save the day…! Read more of this post

Animatsu To Release Gatchaman Crowds on Blu-ray and DVD in April


Ok; so this news is relatively old, as Gatchaman Crowds has been available to pre-order on Amazon UK for quite-some-time now, but with the recent string of delays and cancelations i thought you guys might want some cheering up.

Anyway; as you may already be aware Animatsu, which is a new UK distributor-come-license specalist, plan to release a selection of anime titles in the coming weeks; but what you may not know is that their first anime release will be Gatchaman Crowds, which is being released on the 27th April 2015 on both DVD and Blu-ray. Read more of this post

Animatsu Acquries Gatchaman Crowds for UK Release


Last week Animatsu officially arrived onto the UK scene by announcing its intentions and presence for the UK Anime Market; and today that presence has been expanded with the confirmation, via the latest issue of NEO, that Animatsu have acquired the UK rights to Gatchaman Crowds.

As we don’t have a copy of NEO ourselves we don’t know if ‘any additional’ details were listed; so in the meantime here is a synopsis of what to expect from the anime itself: Read more of this post

Gatchaman Crowds – The Complete Collection – REGION FREE

Gatchaman Crowds – The Complete Collection

Region: A and B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
Boxart states Region A Only
– Confirmed Region B Compatible by @Type45

Price: $58.08 / £34.85 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12 (2 Disc Set)

Plot: For most of the residents of Tachikawa city, life seems to be perfectly normal. That’s how it seems, but the truth, known only by a tiny select handful, is that this is a city at war. Every day, as the citizens go about their business, they are under attack by alien criminals and mysterious organizations seeking to conquer, enslave and destroy. But to combat these threats, a covert council has secretly selected certain individuals to serve as protectors.

Wearing special suits that amplify latent powers hitherto unsuspected, they blend into the crowds and shadows, waiting until the call is given to fight again. They could be anyone: your neighbor, your best friend’s mom, even high school students like Sugune Tachibana and recent college grad Joe Hibiki. And needless to say, schoolgirl artist Hajime Ichinose is probably the last person anyone would ever suspect of being a soldier entrusted with defending mankind. But she is, even if as the latest recruit she still has an awful lot of learning to do. Hiding like ninjas, powered by super-science, they are humanity’s first and greatest line of defense.