Garden of Sinners Delayed Once Again; This Time Till Mid-December


Uh-Oh! time for some bad news; it seems like MVM Entertainment’s upcoming Garden of Sinners Movie Collection has ‘once again’ been delayed; this time until the 15th December 2014.

Originally the Garden of Sinners Movie Collection was due for release on the 27th October 2014 but then was later delayed to the 24th November 2014 due to printing issues; well today an ‘updated‘ listing on Anime-On-Line suggests that the set has now been pushed back even further until the 15th December 2014. Read more of this post

Garden of Sinners Delayed Until November Due To Printing Issues


Those wishing to go gardening with their sins will have to wait until next month; as today MVM Entertainment have pushed back the release of the set due to printing issues with the artbox.

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Several MVM Titles Receive Minor Release Date Alterations


Following on from monday’s release date alteration for From The New World – Part 2 it’s been confirmed that a handful of other MVM Entertainment releases have also been slightly delayed.

For starters the complete series release of Bodacious Space Pirates on DVD has been pushed back to the 29th September 2014 where as the Blu-ray version will still be released on it’s original release date of 22nd September 2014.

Moving into October the ‘Limited Edition’ DVD release of The Garden of Sinners Movie Collection has been moved from the 6th October 2014 all the way back to the 27th October 2014; which is a considerable gap.

Finally, as we previously mentioned yesterday the Blu-ray release of From The New World – Part 2 has been pushed back until the 6th October 2014, the DVD on the other hand ‘should’ be available although some retailers don’t have stock of it.

MVM Entertainment have yet to clarify the reasoning behind these delays but we can only assume it has something to do with the arrival of stock from suppliers and production companies.

MVM Entertainment Reveals Q4 2014 Line-Up; Introduces a Few Surprises Including Samurai Champloo on Blu-ray

mvm_logoMVM Entertainment’s own online store, Anime-On-Line has recently updated today to reveal the list of anime titles that they will be distributing within the fourth quarter of 2014, which takes place between October and December of the year, and lets just say that there are a few surprises in-store.

First of all the highly entertaining and much demanded Samurai Champloo will be getting it’s debut UK Blu-ray release on the 3rd November 2014; meanwhile the ‘Monogatari’ franchise continues with two new installments, Nekomonogatari White and Kabukimonogatari, both of which are being released onto Blu-ray.

Of course for those who enjoy the traditional DVD then you will find Devil Survivor 2: The Animation, Usagi Drop and Blade of Tempest. Basically we have got a lot to look forward to, but the current MVM Entertainment release schedule looks something like this: Read more of this post