Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master – The Complete Series (Blu-ray) – REGION FREE

Senran Kagura Ninja Flash – The Complete Series (Blu-ray)

BD Region: A & B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
– Boxart states Region A & B
– Confirmed Region B Compatible

Price: $45.99 / £35.78 (Excludes Postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12 (2 Blu-ray)

Plot:Gather your secret ninja scrolls and hang on to your seats! The beauties of Senran Kagura are busting out some new moves in a brand-new season.

Studying ancient ninjutsu at their hidden academy, these girls will stop at nothing until they master the path of the shinobi, no matter who stands in their way!

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Manga Entertainment Announces Q1 2020 Release Schedule with New Title Licenses

Manga Entertainment UK were not at MCM London Comic Con this past weekend, nor did they announce any new titles throughout the event, however the UK Anime Distributor have instead taken to their website and social media channels to reveal the list of titles coming our way during the first quarter of 2020; and some surprises are in store. Read more of this post

Blu-Ray Review: Dragon Ball Super – Part 8

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ONE PIECE: Stampede Announced as Scotland Loves Anime Mystery Film

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My First Girlfriend is a GAL – The Complete Series (Blu-ray) [ESSENTIALS]

My First Girlfriend is a GAL – The Complete Series (Blu-ray) [ESSENTIALS]

BD Region: A & B (Confirmed Playable in the UK)
– Confirmed Region B Compatible by @DennyFisher12

Price: $23.99 / £19.63 (Excluding postage)

Episodes: 1 – 12 (2 Blu-ray & 2 DVD)

Plot: Life for Junichi Hashiba is the literal worst: he’s a loser, has weird friends, and worse yet…he’s a virgin! With his life going nowhere, he lets his pervy friends talk him into doing the impossible—asking out sexy gal, Yukana Yame!

After all, a girl obsessed with makeup, showing skin, and being fashionable af, is totally an easy score for a guy like him…right? Down on his knees, heart racing, and face flushed, Junichi makes his move to ask Yukana out. And nails her—err it!

But if Junichi thinks he’s got a one-way ticket to her bedroom, he’s got another thing coming. Instead, he’s pulled deep into a world of firsts while also catching the interests of other girls. And though he’s drowning in DDs and invitations to lose that precious V-card, Junichi realizes that for the first time—he’s in love! Is this guy-meets-gal love story meant to be, or will the only thing he’ll be screwing is his first chance at love?

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