Anime Limited Reveals Full Metal Panic: Ultimate Edition Artwork and Contents


After an extremely long wait Anime Limited have finally lifted the lid on what to expect from the upcoming ‘Ultimate Edition’ release of Full Metal Panic and so far first impressions are good.

For those unaware the Ultimate Edition version of Full Metal Panic will contain all three seasons of the series, so thats Full Metal Panic, Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid and Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU, inside a single collection – all of which will be presented in 1080p and have English and Japanese audio options. The Collection will also contain a 7c-page book featuring all sorts of artwork and useful information about the series. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Clarifies Release Date Plans for Upcoming Titles


Earlier in the week anime fans who pre-ordered numerous titles for upcoming Anime Limited / All The Anime titles, such as Sword Art Online II – Part 1 and Space Dandy Season 2, received notifications stating that the release date had been changed; of course this caused some confusion but today Anime Limited set the record straight in a brand new newswire posted on their blog. Read more of this post