Amazon Instant Video Begin Streaming Digimon & Beyblade


If you are an Amazon Instant Video customer (which was previously known as LOVEFilm Instant) and was annoyed at the recent Netflix announcement which saw Netflix acquring the streaming rights to Pokemon then do not fret, as Amazon Instant Video have acquried the rights to all five seasons of Digimon, along with Season 2 of Beyblade.

If you follow us on twitter than you may have already seen me tweet the news, but that’s right – all five seasons of Digimon, which have previously been released in America as complete season sets, are now available to stream on Amazon Instant Video. This means that as long as you are an Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video subscriber or a LOVEFilm subscriber you will be able to watch these episodes on a variety of devices, including smartphones and games consoles. Read more of this post