Fate / Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Prisma Phantasm – REGION FREE

Fate / Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya: Prisma Phantasm (Blu-Ray)

BD Region: A & B
– Tested and Confirmed Region B Compatible

Price: N/A

Episodes: 1 Film (1 Disc)

Plot:If there’s one thing that the long-running Fate/stay night franchise has always been noted for, it’s the creative freedom that allows every new installment to develop it’s own unique take on the overall concept and base set of continuing characters.

However, no matter how diverse many of the previous installments have been, you’re almost certainly not going to be prepared for the non-stop surreal silliness and fever dream alternative concepts unleashed in this demented new OVA installment.

Anime Limited Makes Minor Adjustments to Its Q2 Release Schedule; Fate/kaleid liner Prisim Illya coming in July


Following on from days of speculation that numerous Anime Limited titles, specifically Tiger & Bunny: The Rising and Baccano, had been delayed Anime Limited’s latest Newswire has today confirmed what we already assumed; that they have been delayed. Read more of this post