One Piece: Stampede, The Rising of Shield Hero and Fairy Tail Release Dates Pushed Back

Manga Entertainment have today announced a selection of their upcoming releases, including the highly promoted One Piece: Stampede film, have been delayed by several weeks as a result of the on-going global situation. Read more of this post

Cloud Matsuri Streaming Links and Event Schedule

Anime Limited’s digital comic-con event Cloud Matsuri takes place this weekend (30th and 31st May 2020) and it promises to bring the joys your typical comic-con event, such as announcements, interviews and game demonstrations, to the comfort of your own home.

Naturally to make the experience more streamlined we have highlighted the two-day schedule and present to you links of where you can watch the magic of the digital event take place. Read more of this post

FAIRY TAIL Game Delayed Worldwide Until July

Those looking forward to KOEI TECMO and GUST’s upcoming video game adaptation of the FAIRY TAIL anime and manga series will be disappointed to learn that the game has been ‘delayed’ worldwide until July as a result of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Read more of this post

FAIRY TAIL adds Ultear, Lyon, Flare and Minerva as ‘Guest Characters’ and GUILD BOX Edition Announced

KOEI TECMO and GUST Studio’s videogame incarnation of the FAIRY TAIL manga and anime series continues to expand as the publisher and developer have today announced that “Guest Characters” from the FAIRY TAIL franchise will assist players at key points in the games story; starting with character team-ups from the Grand Magic Games and Eclipse Celestial Spirits Arc of the Story. Read more of this post

Manga Entertainment UK Announces Q3 2020 Release Schedule with Highlights Including Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, New Game & Fairy Gone

Although COVID-19 is having an effect on new releases being physically released into the UK market, of which additional release dates have been made, it doesn’t stop Manga Entertainment UK from announcing a slew of new titles as today the distributor-come-publisher have announced their Q3 2020 release schedule and it includes a wide-variety of requested titles as well as some newcomers. Read more of this post

KOEI TECMO Allows Fans to Choose Inside Artwork for FAIRY TAIL

KOEI TECMO are asking for fans to help them choose which inside artwork will be used for the physical Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 release of STUDIO GUST’s game adaptation of FAIRY TAIL. Read more of this post

FAIRY TAIL Story Trailer Released and Gildarts Confirmed as Playable Character

KOEI TECMO Europe have released a brand new ‘story’ trailer for GUST Studio’s videogame adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s popular shonen styled manga FAIRY TAIL; with it showcasing key story elements that fans will be able to experience from the game. Read more of this post

Hiro Mashima Manga Bundle Available on Humble Bundle

Those looking to expand their digital manga collection will be interested to know that Humble Bundle currently have a ‘Hiro Mashima’ Manga Bundle taking place; with it offering the entirety of Fairy Tail and Rave Master alongside volumes of Monster Soul, Fairy Tail S and Eden Zero. Read more of this post

FAIRY TAIL Release Date Pushed Back to June 2020

Those looking forward to GUST’s video-game adaptation of the mid-way point of FAIRY TAIL will be disappointed to learn that the game has been pushed back to the 25th June 2020 from its original 19th March 2020 release date. Read more of this post

Manga Entertainment Unveils Spring 2020 Release Schedule; Includes Fire Force & Wise Man’s Grandchild

Manga Entertainment UK have recently unveiled their Spring 2020 release schedule and with it comes a whole host of surprising new title announcements including Fire Force and Wise Man’s Grandchild as well as Blu-Ray re-releases of older franchises, such as Fairy Tail and Black Clover. Read more of this post