Anime Limited Announces Replacement Scheme for Escaflowne Ultimate Edition Blu-ray


Anime Limited’s Ultimate Edition Blu-ray release of Escaflowne hasn’t even been officially released yet (it’s due for release on the 14th November 2016) and the UK Anime Distributor have already announced a replacement scheme for an issue discovered on the second Blu-ray disc of the set; specifically Episode 9 of the anime TV Series. Read more of this post

Naruto Shippuden – Box 25 Delayed Until Mid-September due to a Production Issue


In a rather comical, but slightly delayed on my part, piece of news Manga Entertainment UK have mentioned on social media that the UK Release of Naruto Shippuden – Box 25, which was initally due to be released today, has been delayed until mid-september due an issue during production. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Release of Kill-La-Kill – Part 1 Pushed Back Till December


It seems like All The Anime can’t catch a break lately, as now their Blu-ray Release of Kill-La-Kill – Part 1 has been pushed back till the 1st December 2014 due to an desynchronisation issue with the English Audio.

Basically the English Dub track for Episode 4 goes out of sync, something which makes the entire episode difficult to watch due to sound effects and voices being later than they should. Interestingly this ‘error’ is only apparent on the Blu-ray version of the set and as such the DVD version is still on course for its 3rd November 2014 launch day, as Andrew from Anime Limited / All The Anime explains: Read more of this post

All The Anime’s Ultimate Edition of Gurren Lagann Suffers from some ‘amusing’ Production Flaws

gurren_lagann_review_screenshot (6)

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your Ultimate Edition release of Gurren Lagann then you may be in for some disappointing news; as according to those who have already received it a potential major production error has occured.

Basically the third tray that houses the first movie disc has been incorrectly placed/ glued which results in the disc tray being skewed; but whatever the reason it’s not in the correct place and looks – well stupid and not something you’d expect from a £100 collectors edition purchase. Read more of this post

Un-Go Delay Confirmed, Will now Release in July

un_go_review_screenshot (2)

You may recall earlier in the week that I mentioned, via Twitter, that the UK release date for Un-Go – The Complete Series had been altered on a variety of websites, including Manga UK’s own Publicity firm. However since we had no confirmation I decided not mention anything on the blog.

Well today Manga Entertainment UK have took to Twitter and Facebook to confirm that the UK Release of Un-Go has indeed been delayed and it will now launch next month, however this delay has nothing to do with the technical issue that was revealed last week.

According to the statement (which can be seen below) the reason for the delay is due an unexpected delay in the deliverer of the stock, basically the stock would not arrive at suppliers in time for the launch day, and so the release date has been changed.

Hello Everyone,
We wanted to inform you that due to an unexpected shipping delay of stock the release of Un-Go: Complete Box Set has now been pushed back to the 8th July.
We apologise for this but it is completely unavoidable.

As mentioned this delay has nothing to do with the technical issue found within the Blu-ray disc, so if you plan on watching the Blu-ray disc on a Panasonic Blu-ray Player you may still experience the technical error, the DVD discs however are in perfect working order.

Un-Go – The Complete Series, which is being released as a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack will now be released on the 8th July 2013.