Blu-Ray Review: Dragon Ball Z – Movie Collection 4

Manga Entertainment UK’s continues the trend of bringing us a ‘movie collection’ each month and in Dragon Ball Z – Movie Collection 4 we get to explore deeper into the world of Dr Gero’s androids in Super Android 13 and experience a brand new story in Bojack Unbound. So what can you expect from these two films? Well let’s take a look! Read more of this post

Three New Characters & Arcade Mode Confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

The news of Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is Arc System Works 2.5D fighter based on the Dragon Ball Z franchise, continues to roll in as publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment have now confirmed three new characters as well as the existence of an Arcade mode. Read more of this post

Dragon Ball FighterZ Introduces Original Character Android 21! Tien & Yamcha Confirmed as Playable Characters

Earlier in the week reports from various Japanese news outlets revealed that Dragon Ball FighterZ, the upcoming 2.5D sprite based fighting game developed by Arc System Works, would receive it’s own original character, known as Android 21, as part of the games story. In addition to these rumours Tien, or Tien-Shin-Han if you prefer, and Yamcha were also being shown as a playable characters. Read more of this post