DRAMAtical Murder Demo Arrives on Steam

The Yaoi styled cyber-pop visual novel title DRAMAtical Murder is expected to be released this month for Windows PC via JAST BLUE and those interested in trying out the ‘all-ages’ version of the game can do so with a playable demo from Steam. This demo will allow players to experience a small portion of the game and to become acquainted with some of the characters within its dark and twisted story. Read more of this post

JAST Blue Announces Togainu no Chi, DRAMAtical Murder and Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- for Western Release

JAST Blue, a division of JAST USA that focuses entirely on Otome styled visual novels, have today announced as part of there Anime Expo panel with JAST USA that they will be bringing the visual novels Togainu no Chi, DRAMAtical Murder and Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID- to the Windows PC in the near future. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: DRAMAtical Murder – The Complete Collection


Murder and Drama don’t usually mix well together but what can one expect from Manga Entertainment UK’s Blu-ray release of DRAMAtical Murder – The Complete Collection? Well it turns you can expect both and some more; so let’s take a look! Read more of this post

Manga Entertainment UK To Release DRAMAtical Murder within the UK


It seems Manga Entertainment UK may have had a wider-selection of titles to announce at the MCM London Comic Con than what was initally supplied to Comic Con attendees as the online retailer anime-on-line have updated their product listing to reveal that a UK Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack version of DRAMAtical Murder will be released by Manga Entertainment UK during February next year. Read more of this post