Terror in Resonance Ultimate Edition Artwork and Contents Revealed


After a relatively long wait UK anime distributor Anime Limited have revealed what to expect from the upcoming Ultimate Edition release of Terror in Resonance.

To start with Terror in Resonance will be released as a ‘Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack’ version with the Ultimate Edition packaging design being similar to their upcoming release of Full Metal Panic – which i have unboxed here. This particular edition of the series will also include a 100-page artbook featuring original art that was used on the original Japanese release. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Part 1


It’s been nearly a year and a half since the conclusion to Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic was released into the UK and here we our with the first instalment to its sequel; Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, and while a new adventure is promised its pretty much the same as you remember it to be.  So what can you expect from Magi: The Kingdom of Magic – Part 1? Find out in our Review!


Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana’s adventures continue in the magical Kingdom of Magnostadt, a country ruled by magicians, and the Reim Empire, which is protected by the Magi Scheherazade. Read more of this post

Demonstration: Using the Title Search Method on Sentai Region Locked Titles


As many of you may already be aware the original idea for this blog/site was to provide a list of Anime Blu-ray titles that work perfectly fine on UK Blu-ray players and consoles, however in the past few weeks I’ve had several people ask me about the infamous title search method, a method which allows a variety of Sentai produced Region locked titles to work on UK Blu-ray players. Well today I will explain what it is and show you how to do it. Read more of this post

Anime Limited’s DVD Release of Outlaw Star Delayed Again


It seem’s being an anime distributor is never a dull moment, as now Anime Limited is following in the trend’s of Kaze by delaying ‘another’ upcoming product, except this time there is good reason to. Speaking on the official Anime Limited Facebook account it has been confirmed that their DVD release of Outlaw Star has been delayed to an undisclosed release date.

Outlaw Star News: Many of you have been asking us ‘What is the deal with Outlaw Star? Is it still coming out?’ To which I say a firm: Definitely! We have, however, run into some issues when we QC’d the series.

Initially scheduled for release later this month, Anime Limited’s Re-mastered DVD release of Outlaw Star has been delayed yet again due to continuing audio issues, an issue which was noticed awhile ago but the company is waiting for a fix to be implemented, as the facebook post continues to explain. Read more of this post

Update and Clarification To Region Lock Listings

With the site becoming more popular i thought i would take a moment to update (and clarify) some of the posts regarding Blu-ray Discs being labelled as “Region Locked” when some people have discovered that they can be made playable on a UK Blu-ray Player.

As many of you may be aware, especially members from the UK Anime Forum, some Anime Blu-rays, such as discs from Sentai Filmworks, Aniplex USA and Viz Media, can be played on a UK (Region B) Blu-ray player by using the title search method. This method “does” indeed work, but it does not work on all Blu-ray players and can requrie a bit of “technical know-how” to preform it, as you have to manually choose which title to play which could result in the wrong item being played.

Because this title search method is not guaranteed to work on all Blu-ray Players (something which i have confirmed myself) and can be complicated to use, i do not use it in any of my disc testing, and as such if the disc does not work using my methods then i class the Blu-ray “Region Locked”.

The idea of this site was to highlight what US Blu-ray Discs worked on UK Blu-ray Players without any modifications or tricks. The only option i do use, and reccomend (as you are still granted full use of the disc menu and extra features) is the “Disc Menu” option, as some Blu-ray Discs (such as the recent Nura: Rise of Yokai) can have the region lock screen bypassed by pressing the disc menu button and the disc itself will continue to operate as normal.

Basically if a US Blu-ray Disc works in UK Blu-ray players then the disc will be classed REGION FREE, if the Region A only screen appears but is bypassed (and works as normal) by pressing the “Disc Menu” button then the disc is still classed as REGION FREE, however if the disc does not work via either of these methods then the disc is classed REGION LOCKED.

MVM Releases Statement Surrounding Bakemonogatari – Part 1 Disc Mix Up


MVM Entertainment have today issued a statement surrounding a disc Mix up with their DVD release of Bakemonogatari – Part 1.

As it stands the issue will not affect everyone, but MVM Entertainment have issued this statement just incase someone does encounter a problem with their release of Bakemonogatari – Part 1.

“Unfortunately our manufacturers packed the wrong discs (Shana) into the Bakemonogatari Pt1 box.

This was spotted a week before release date but some stock had already shipped to major mail order retailers.

Although these retailers have been advised of a product recall some units may have shipped to customers.

Any customer receiving this product should seek a refund from their retailer.

Bakemononogatari Pt 1 will now be released on 1st July with new barcode and catalogue number (MVD2324).

This is the only way to ensure bad stock does not get mixed with new good stock.

This only effects mail order retailers as bad stock was stopped in time before going to high street stores such as HMV.

Apologies for any inconvenience. This has been something of a nightmare for us too.”

that some Anime fans may have experienced.

According to rumours people who ordered

Basically if you have ordered Bakemonogatari – Part 1 from an online retailer, such as Amazon or Sainsbury’s Entertainment, then you should check to make sure the correct discs are inside. If you do discover that your Bakemonogatari – Part 1 has the incorrect disc’s inside then you should return it to the retailer as soon as possible.

Bakemonogatari – Part 1 is now available on DVD from local and online retailers, however some retailers may not receive the correct release until the 1st July 2013.