Blu-Ray Review: Digimon Adventure Tri – Part 3: Confession

The third chapter into the ‘Tri’ arc of Digimon Adventure is finally here courtesy of Manga Entertainment UK; but more importantly does it manage to build upon the foundations of the previous films? Not exactly but it does help move the story along in a new direction. Confused? Then check out our thoughts in our Blu-Ray Review of Digimon Adventure Tri – Part 3: Confession. Read more of this post


Blu-Ray Review: Digimon Adventure Tri – Part 2: Determination

The adventure continues within this second entry into the Digimon Adventure Tri movie franchise but what can one expect from the film and, in turn, its disc content? Well let’s find out in our Blu-Ray Review of Digimon Adventure Tri – Part 2: Determination. Read more of this post

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory Character & Story Details Revealed

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth – Hacker’s Memory will be the next JPRG installment into the ‘Digimon Story’ videogame series which sees players team-up with Digimon in order to overcome ‘digital’ issues taking place within the real world and digital world; or so to speak. Anyway Bandai Namco Entertainment have now revealed some additional details about the game – namely the characters and the story that revolves around them. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: Digimon Adventure Tri – Part 1: The Reunion

Manga Entertainment UK continues to provide nostalgia to the older generation of anime fans and this time it is the release of Digimon Adventure Tri – Part 1; the first instalment into a ‘new generation’ of Digimon movies that continues the story from where Digimon Zero Two (Digimon Adventure Season 2 / Digimon – Season 2) ended.

So with this being said; what can we expect from Manga Entertainment’s Blu-ray release of Digimon Adventure Tri – Part 1: The Reunion? Well let’s take a look in our review. Read more of this post

MangaUK Announces Partnership with Shout Factory! for Digimon Adventure Tri Release


When Manga Entertainment UK announced that they had the distribution rights to Digimon Adventure Tri, specifically Movie 1, last year it was met with surprise and joy; however unfortunately that excitement quickly died down when the distributor delayed the title until early 2017 with the reasoning that they wanted to release the film with it’s newly produced English Dub (as previously it was going to be a subtitle only release). Well today that disappointment continues as now the film won’t be released until the 22nd May 2017. Read more of this post

Feature: Top Anime Characters from Bandai Namco Entertainment Games


Throughout the past decade Japanese anime games, such as those based upon Dragon Ball, Naruto and in turn Digimon, have steadily become main stream and in some cases a yearly presense within the games market. But; while this is a good thing, especially for anime fans such as ourselves, do you know where the characters originated form or more importantly what the popular characters are?

Well with Digimon World: Next Order, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto all being released in the coming months we thought we would give you a closer look to some of the popular characters in these franchises with this  ‘unique’ feature; so let us begin! Read more of this post

Digimon World: Next Order European Release Date Announced


Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced that the Digimon World: Next Order, which is one of the latest entries into the Digimon World videogame franchise, will be released on the 27th January 2017 within the UK and Europe for the PS4 as both a digital download and retail disc with the game featuring both English and Japanese audio. Read more of this post

MangaUK Confirms Delays to Digimon Tri & Death Note


In rather disappointing news UK Anime Distributor Manga Entertainment UK have today confirmed that both Digimon Tri, the latest instalment into the Digimon anime franchise, and the Blu-ray re-release of Detah Note have been delayed due to production issues. Read more of this post

Digmon World: Next Order Confirmed for Western PS4 Release


If you’ve been keeping up with the recent string of gaming news then you may have heard that Digimon World: Next Order was recently rated on the Brazilian Ratings Board which, as I tweeted out recently, hinted at the possibility of a European release of the game. Well today publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment have today confirmed that the rumours are true and that Digimon World: Next Order will be released early next year onto the PS4 within the UK and Europe. Read more of this post

MangaUK To Release Pokemon Movies and Transformers: The Movie on Blu-ray Later This Year


In a rather surprising discovery by UK Anime Network, which was later confirmed real by Manga UK / Animatsu Entertainment’s Marketing Manager Andrew Hewson, it seems that Manga Entertainment UK will be releasing several Pokemon movies. the upcoming remaster of Transformers: The Movie and a 30th Anniversary Edition of Akira onto Blu-ray later this year. Read more of this post