Nurse Love Syndrome and Nurse Love Addiction Now Available Digitally Worldwide on Nintendo Switch

Those eagerly checking the Nintendo eShop this week on the Nintendo Switch, as well as following publisher DEGICA’s social media channels, would have noticed that the romance themed visual novel games Nurse Love Syndrome and Nurse Love Addiction were made available digitally on the Nintendo eShop. Read more of this post

Muv-Luv English Localisation Kickstarter Appears Online


As many of us will know MVM Entertainment are currently in the process of releasing Muv-Luv Alternate: Total Eclipse onto DVD and Blu-ray within the UK; however what many ‘may’ not known is that the anime is based upon the japanese visual novel Muv-Luv.

Well publisher Degica have started a Kickstarter campaign which will see the entire Muv-Luv collection, which consists of Muv-Luv and Muv-Luv Alternate, being translated into English and released onto Steam; with Stretch Goals available for the PS Vita and Android versions of the game. But what exactly is Muv-Luv and this Kickstarter about? Well Degica explains: Read more of this post