Manga UK Releases Unboxing Video for Eden of the East: The Definitive Collection

Eden of the East - 08 - Large 13

As with most new and upcoming releases, Manga Entertainment UK have recently uploaded another unboxing video and this time its for the ‘Eden of the East: The Definitive Collection’ Boxset, which features the TV Series and Both Movies all inside one Blu-ray (or DVD) Case.

Manga Entertainment UK previously released ‘Eden of the East’ into three seperate Blu-ray releases, starting with the TV Series followed by the 1st Movie (King of Eden) and then lastly the 2nd movie (Paradise Lost). For awhile fans of the series, including myself, have been asking for a set that contains the whole collection and now Manga have delivered.

As demonstrated in the video the disc’s are exactly the same as those that are found in the individual releases, however depsite this its nice to have them all inside a single box for once.

Eden of the East: The Definitive Collection is now available within the UK on Blu-ray and DVD via Manga Entertainment UK.