Anime Limited Confirms Prison School Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Release Details

Back in October 2015 Anime Limited announced that they would be releasing Prison School onto Blu-ray and DVD; and now after nearly two years of silence the UK Anime Distributor ‘Anime Limited’ have lifted the lid on what you can expect from this particular release via an updated product listing on their web-store. Read more of this post

Seraph of the End – Series 1 Part 2 Collector’s Edition Contents Revealed


After a short period of silence Universal Pictures UK have finally revealed what to expect from the upcoming Collectors Edition Blu-ray (and Collector’s Edition DVD) release of Seraph of the End – Series 1 Part 2; and as expected it will remain consistent with the presentation style of the previous release. Read more of this post

The Heroic Legend of Arslan – Season 1 Part 1 Collectors Edition Contents Confirmed


Following on from the UK Collectors Edition release of Seraph of the End – Season 1 Part 1, which is now available from today on both DVD and Blu-ray, Universal Pictures UK have today announced what you can expect to receive from their latest anime release; The Heroic Legend of Arslan – Season 1 Part 1.

Just like with the Collectors Edition of Seraph of the End, which we unboxed here, this Collectors Edition release of The Heroic Legend of Arslan – Season 1 Part 1 will contain 12 episodes across two Blu-ray discs in a digipack casing, a selection of art cards (12 in total), four character information cards, an 80-page visual book filled with information about the show, a poster which depicts the world of Arslan and more interestingly a shogi-styled board game with game pieces all of which will be packed a chipboard artbox. Read more of this post

Psycho Pass – Season 2 Collectors Edition Packaging Revealed


Anime Limited have today revealed what to expect from their upcoming Collectors Edition Blu-ray release of Psycho Pass – Season 2 and, as one would expect, it looks pretty good.

Unlike Anime Limited’s recent string of Limited Edition releases Psycho Pass – Season 2, otherwise known as Psycho Pass 2, will receive the same treatment that Tokyo Ghoul – Season 1 received whereby the discs themselves will come inside a digipack case thats placed inside a rigid chipboard box and, for added effect, a clear-plastic o-card will go around the digi-pack box which will have all of the usual technical details and synopsis information. Read more of this post

Tiger & Bunny – Part 1 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) Limited Edition Pack Detailed

Tiger & Bunny, a popular Anime Series that made its debut UK appearence on Anime-On-Demand last year, will soon be released into the UK on Blu-ray and DVD via Kaze UK and Manga Entertainment UK – and with this ‘upcoming’ release a special, Limited Edition version of Part 1 will be released.

The UK Tiger & Bunny release is a Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack, which features a single Blu-ray Disc and two DVD Discs. On the disc’s you will receive the first seven episodes of the TV Series, as well as some extras – such as textless songs and trailers. This ‘series’ is being released as a four-part-long release, meaning to get the ‘entire’ collection you’ll have to buy 4 seperate DVD / Blu-ray Combo Packs – all of which will be spread over year long period.

Additionally in the ‘Limited Edition’ Pack you will receive 3 collectors cards, 3 collectors mini-magazines, limited edition packaging and an outer-slip cover for the entire Blu-ray case, all of this, which packaged together, should look something like this:

Tiger & Bunny – Part 1 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) is now available to pre-order from a variety of retailers and it is currently expected to be released on the 4th February 2013.